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The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library acknowledge the following staff members, advisors, and Web site liaisons who work to make this Web site possible.

Digital Media

  • Floyd Sweeting III, Head, Technology and Digital Media
  • Vivian Gill, Creative Director for Digital Media
  • Valery Chen, Front-End Web Developer
  • Amanda Orchanian, Digital Media Assistant

Video Production

  • Lisa Candage Goble, Media Producer
  • Sean Troxell, Associate Media Producer


  • Michaelyn Mitchell, Editor in Chief
  • Rebecca Brooke, Head of Publications for External Affairs
  • Hilary Becker, Assistant Editor


  • Hilary Becker, Assistant Editor
  • Joyce Bodig, Concerts Coordinator
  • Karaugh Brown, Associate Director for Individual Giving
  • Julia Day, Assistant Objects Conservator
  • Samantha Deutch, Assistant Director of the Center for the History of Collecting
  • Kate Gerlough, Head of Retail and Visitor Services
  • Allison Galea, Registrarial Assistant
  • Martha Hackley, Executive Assistant to Deputy Director
  • Adrienne Lei, Education Programs Coordinator
  • Suz Massen, Chief of Public Services
  • Alexis Light, Media Relations and Marketing Coordinator
  • Aimee Ng, Associate Curator
  • Jenna Nugent, Administrative Assistant for the Chief Curator's Office
  • Eloise Owens, Curatorial Assistant
  • Ellen Prokop, Associate Photoarchivist
  • Heidi Rosenau, Associate Director of Media Relations and Marketing
  • Don Swanson, Chief, Collections Preservation
  • Colleen Tierney, Head of Special Events
  • Dana Winfield, Head of Human Resources
  • Louisa Wood Ruby, Associate Photoarchivist
  • Shannon Morelli, Assistant Archivist