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The Grand Condé, 1817
35.6 x 17.5 x 14 cm
Private collection

Cat. 19

In 1816, David received a commission for a statue commemorating the seventeenth-century French general known as the Grand Condé (1621–1683). In this, his first major state commission, David defied the conventional repose and heroic nudity of neoclassicism. Presenting a figure garbed in extravagant historical costume and engaged in dramatic action, The Grand Condé captures a pivotal... MORE »

Monument to Bonchamps, 1824
19.7 x 22.9 x 14 cm
Inscribed on front of base, Grâce pour les prisonniers, Bonchamp le veut; on rear of base, Froment-Meurice ciseleur à son ami Wasselin Desfosses 14 Juin 1854 
Collection Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schlossberg

Cat. 20

This statuette is a reduced version of David’s marble statue commemorating Charles-Artus de Bonchamps (1760– 1793), a royalist general who died in the aftermath of the French Revolution (Church of Saint Florent-le-Vieil, Maineet- Loire). A critical success at the Paris Salon of 1824, the sculpture depicts the mortally wounded general delivering his last words: a command for his troops to... MORE »

Jean-Antoine-Dominique Ingres, 1826
Bronze, irregular edges
9.7 cm diameter
Collection Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schlossberg

Cat. 21

François-Marius Granet, 1827
12.8 cm diameter
Collection W. Mark Brady, New York

Cat. 22

Cecilia Odescalchi, ca. 1828
15.5 cm diameter
Inscribed, roma; dated, 1815; stamped on reverse, 349
Private collection

Cat. 23

This idealized portrait medallion records the features of David’s first love, Cecilia Odescalchi, a young noblewoman he met while studying in Rome (1812–16). Their ill-fated relationship concluded abruptly with Cecilia’s removal to a convent, where she soon died. Although dated 1815, the portrait is adapted from a bas-relief made by the artist in 1828. Even in death, Cecilia remained David’s... MORE »

Eugène Delacroix, 1828
10.5 cm diameter
Foundry mark, Richard
Private collection

Cat. 24

Victor Hugo, 1828
10.7 cm diameter
Foundry mark, Eck et Durand
Collection Frances Beatty and Allen Adler

Cat. 25

French poet, novelist, and dramatist (1802–1885)

Émile Deschamps, 1829
12 cm diameter
Collection Carol and Herbert Diamond

Cat. 26

Alexandre Dumas, 1829
15 cm diameter
Foundry marks, Richard frères; Eck et Durand; stamped on reverse, 165
Private collection

Cat. 27

French novelist (1802–1870)

Frédéric Louis Zacharie Werner, ca. 1830s
15 cm diameter
Private collection

Cat. 28

German dramatist and poet (1768–1823)

Théodore Géricault, 1830
14.8 cm diameter
Stamped on reverse, three illegible nos.
Collection Wheelock Whitney III

Cat. 29

French painter (1791–1824)

Louise Swanton-Belloc, 1830
Lead or pewter
13 cm diameter
Collection Dr. Stephen K. and Janie Woo Scher

Cat. 30

French novelist (1796–1881)

Alfred de Musset, 1831
15.9 cm diameter
Collection Frances Beatty and Allen Adler

Cat. 31

French poet and playwright (1810–1857)

The Abbé de Lamennais, 1831
Approximately 15.5 cm diameter
Private collection

Cat. 32

François Arago, 1832
15 cm diameter
Private collection

Cat. 33

French astronomer, mathematician, and politician (1786–1853)