Special Loan: Paul Cézanne's Boulloire et Fruits

Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906), Bouilloire et Fruits (Pitcher and Fruit)

June 24, 2006 to June 24, 2007

A magnificent late still life painting by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) entitled Bouilloire et Fruits (Pitcher and Fruit)  was lent from a private collection and remained on view in the North Hall for approximately one year. Painted around 1888-90, it hung with other Impressionist and post-Impressionist works in The Frick Collection including Claude Monet'sVétheuil in Winter and Edgar Degas's recently cleaned Rehearsal, both dating from 1878-79. The Cézanne loan coincided with the 100th anniversary of the artist's death on October 22, 1906.

Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906), Bouilloire et Fruits (Pitcher and Fruit), 1888-90, oil on canvas; 19 3/4 x 24 in. (50 x 61 cm), Private Collection, Photo: Michael Bodycomb