Past Exhibitions

Painting of full length portrait of man in formal dress with a cape draped across his arm and holding a walking stick

The Butterfly and The Bat: Whistler and Montesquiou

November 14, 1995 to January 28, 1996

Another in-depth exhibition devoted to a single painting in The Frick Collection, this one focused on Whistler's celebrated portrait Arrangement in Black and Gold: Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac, first exhibited in 1894.

Drawing of shipyard with large anchors laying on their sides in the foreground.

The Golden Age of Danish Art: Drawings from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

June 13, 1995 to August 13, 1995

American audiences were offered their first comprehensive introduction to drawings and watercolors from the "Golden Age" of Danish art (1815–48) at The Frick Collection. The selection of seventy-two examples from the rich holdings of Denmark's premier art museum included portraits, landscapes, city views, genre and mythological scenes by eleven of the nation's finest artists.

Landscape painting of mountains with trees in the foreground

Romantics, Neoclassicists, Realists: European Drawings from the Stanford University Museum of Art

March 14, 1995 to May 14, 1995

The Stanford Museum collection of drawings was one of the largest such university collections in the country, distinguished particularly for its holdings in works from the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

exhibition catalogue cover with pencil sketch of cathedral by Constable.

John Constable: Drawings, Oil Sketches and Paintings from a Private Collection

November 15, 1994 to February 12, 1995

An exhibition of approximately one hundred works by John Constable (1776–1837) was devoted to his primary interest, landscape. The assembled group, spanning the artist's entire career, came from a private collection; virtually none of the works had been previously shown in this country.

image of gold medal depicting Queen Elizabeth.

The Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals of the Renaissance

May 24, 1994 to August 22, 1994

The first major survey in America on the art of the Renaissance portrait medal, on display in the Garden Court. The exhibition was co-organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., and The Frick Collection and included more than 170 of the most important and beautiful medals from the major European centers of production: Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and England.

cover of exhibition catalog showing 18th century people standing on a beach with ships in the distance

Eighteenth-Century Dutch Watercolors from the Rijksmuseum Printroom, Amsterdam

September 13, 1993 to November 7, 1993

More than seventy watercolors from the print room of the Rijksmuseum were on view at The Frick Collection. The exhibition comprised supreme examples of one very special form of art from Holland's so-called Silver Age (1700–1800): the watercolor drawing. The selection made by Dr. J. W. Niemeijer, Emeritus Director of the print room and guest curator for the exhibition, introduced to the American public a chapter of Dutch art that was little known in this country.

French Renaissance Furniture and Old Master Drawings & Prints in The Frick Collection

January 13, 1993 to April 4, 1993

An exhibition of French Renaissance furniture and Old Master prints and drawings belonging to The Frick Collection. The furniture was selected for display to celebrate the long-awaited appearance of Volumes V & VI of The Frick Collection: An Illustrated Catalogue, devoted to the Collection's unusually rich holdings of furniture and gilt bronzes.

image of blue and white porcelain teapot with four legs.

Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelain in The Frick Collection

October 15, 1992

In 1965 Childs Frick, son of Henry Clay Frick, left by bequest 220 pieces of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain that he and his wife had purchased over many years. They had chosen the pieces as birthday and Christmas presents and displayed them in thier home in Roslyn, Long Island. A selection later decorated the offices and upstairs staff rooms of the Collection.

painting of interior with piano and breakfast table, and paintings hing on the walls salon-style.

An Album of Nineteenth-Century Interiors: Watercolors from Two Private Collections

May 20, 1992 to August 23, 1992

An exhibition composed of watercolors illustrating more than sixty nineteenth-century interiors, from cottages to palaces.  Just as proud owners today might wish to preserve the appearance of their homes on film, polaroid, or video, the householders of the last century frequently engaged artists to record their dwellings.  The works in the exhibition were chosen from two private collections — one American, the other European — which together provided a unique survey of this very special genre of nineteenth-century art.

Bronze sculpture of standing Hercules, naked except for animal skin draped across one shoulder

Italian Art at the Close of the Quattrocento: Pollaiuolo and Hercules

February 3, 1992 to March 29, 1992

A focused exhibition placing a Hercules attributed to Antonio del Pollaiuolo in the collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin side by side with the Frick's own bronze Hercules attributed to the same artist. Questions of the authorship and dating of both pieces were considered. The Collection also borrowed, for comparison with the bronzes, one painting and several prints and drawings, all by or closely related to Pollaioulo.



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