Goya's Last Works First Exhibition in North America to Focus on Final Period of Goya's Working Life: February 22, 2006, through May 14, 2006

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Goya's Last Works, February 22, 2006, through May 14, 2006

Goya’s luminous 1824 portrait of a woman known as María Martínez de Puga has always held a special place in the artist’s oeuvre as one of his most direct and candid works, radical in its simplicity. Acquired by Henry Clay Frick in 1914, the painting is the inspiration for the upcoming special exhibition, Goya’s Last Works, the first in the United States to concentrate exclusively on the final phase of the artist’s long career, primarily on the period of his voluntary exile in Bordeaux from 1824 to 1828.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005