Frick Art Reference Library Records

Frick Art Reference Library Central Correspondence — Museums, 1920–present

Correspondence files documenting the Library’s exchange of information with museums, historical societies, art associations, and universities, mainly concerning routine administrative matters, though many also treat the attribution and provenance of works of art.

Frick Art Reference Library Central Correspondence — Photographers, 1920–present

Correspondence with photographers and photographic agencies regarding the acquisition of photographs for the Library’s collection, either through the purchase of existing photographs or the photographing of works of art.

Staff Records - Clotilde Brière, 1921–1970

Correspondence, shipment records, and receipts documenting Mme. Brière’s procurement of books, periodicals, sales catalogues, and photographs for the Library in her position as representative for the Library in France and Holland.

Helen Clay Frick Records — Correspondence with Staff, 1921–1983

Correspondence of Frick Art Reference Library founder and director Helen Clay Frick with staff, primarily the head librarians, during her absences from the Library. Contains discussions of administrative and personnel matters, and summaries of the Library’s daily activities and events.

Helen Clay Frick Records — Correspondence, 1921–1960

Correspondence of Frick Art Reference Library founder and director Helen Clay Frick concerning both Library and personal matters. Subjects discussed include art research, Library furnishings, acquisitions of photographs and books, and construction of the original Library building (1924–1934). Also contains personal correspondence with staff.

Helen Clay Frick Research Files on Jean-Antoine Houdon, 1930–1977

Typed and handwritten research notes, correspondence, photographs, printed material, and typescript drafts of Helen Clay Frick’s articles and unpublished manuscripts regarding the life and works of sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon.




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