Photoarchive Publications and Conference Papers

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Ellen Prokop, Associate Photoarchivist. “Discoveries in the Photoarchive.” Photoarchive Department blog (, 2012-present.

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Conference Papers

Ellen Prokop, “The El Greco Project: Exploring the Artist’s Oeuvre and Collecting History Through Digital Technologies,” Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, Bruges, Belgium (2016).

Louisa Wood Ruby, Head of Photoarchive Research, “Research Strategies for Building Documentation for a Catalogue Raisonné,” The Catalogue Raisonné and Its Construction, Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2015).

Ellen Prokop, Associate Photoarchivist, and Benjamin Zweig, “Visualizing ‘Big Data’: Thinking Through Best Practices and the Role of Art Historical Research Centers,” NORDIK 2015: Mapping Uncharted Territories, The 11th Triannual Nordik Committee for Art History Conference, Reykjavík (2015).

Ellen Prokop, “The Discovery of a Modern Old Master: Mapping El Greco’s Collecting History,” Visual Geographies: Reconceptualizing the Terrain of Art History with Historical GIS, Association of American Geographers, Chicago (2015).

Louisa Wood Ruby, “A Match Made in Heaven: Photoarchives and Authors of Catalogues Raisonné”  for the workshop session “The Monograph with Catalogue Raisonné: A Dying Breed?”, Historians of Netherlandish Art Conference, Boston (2014).

Ellen Prokop, “The Frick Art Reference Library: A Case Study,” Wikipedia’s Role in Four Different Types of Librarianship, WikiConference USA 2014, New York Law School, New York (2014).

Ellen Prokop, “Collecting Spanish Art, 1750–1800,” American Society for Eighteenth​-Century Studies, Cleveland (2013).

Lily Pregill, New York Art Research Consortium Project Coordinator & Systems Manager, “Thinking Outside the Box: Migrating the Frick's Photoarchive Collection into Arcade.” Art Libraries Society of North America Conference, Toronto (2012).

Louisa Wood Ruby, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and Beyond.” The Artefact and its Representations: the Vanishing Original in a Virtual Age, Comité International d'Histoire de l'Art Conference, Nuremberg (2012).

Inge Reist, Director of the Center for the History of Collecting, “Picturing the Future: Private Collections and Public Institutions.” Art Libraries Society of North America Session: Collaboration, Access, Sustainability: The Future of Image Research Collections, College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles (2012).

Inge Reist, “Rinascimento: New Online Digital Resources from the Reali and Sansoni Photographic Archives.” Italian Painting, Renaissance Society of America Conference, Washington D.C. (2012).

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Inge Reist, “El proceso de localización y devolución de los bienes incautados a los judíos.” Expolios artísticos en Occidente. El patrimonio sevillano irredento (1810–1813), sponsored by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Seville (2007).


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