Fragonard’s Progress of Love at The Frick Collection

An invaluable and engaging resource on the sequence and meaning of the panels in the series, the book explores the history of Fragonard's Progress of Love from its conception in France to its rediscovery by two great American collectors more than one hundred years later, and tells the story of how the group of canvases found a permanent home in the New York mansion of Henry Clay Frick. The volume offers a window into the complex world of art and architectural tastemakers and patrons in eighteenth-century France, as well as the history of collecting in Europe and America during the two centuries that followed. Rich illustrations include color images of the masterpiece as well as archival and contemporary views of the rooms that Fragonard's series has occupied, plus plans, original sketches, and comparative images.

Colin B. Bailey, Associate Director and Peter Jay Sharp Curator
192 pages, 135 color illustrations
The Frick Collection in association with D Giles Limited
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