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Link to video about Hans Holbein, the Younger's painting, 'Sir Thomas More'

Hans Holbein came to London from Switzerland in 1526, only a year before he dated this portrait. With a letter of introduction from the philosopher Erasmus, Holbein entered the rarefied circle of Sir Thomas More (1477/78-1535) and was soon living near him in Chelsea. More, in a letter back to Erasmus, spoke of Holbein as "a wonderful artist." Famed as a humanist scholar and author of the Utopia, More was a powerful statesman as well. By this time, he had already served Henry VIII as privy councillor for over a decade and became his lord chancellor in 1529.

Link to video of Colin B. Bailey discussing Bellini’s 'St. Francis in the Desert'

A brief introduction to Giovanni Bellini's St. Francis in the Desert with Colin B. Bailey, Associate Director, and Peter Jay Sharp, Chief Curator of The Frick Collection.