Tick Talks


Education interns at the Frick were given the opportunity to research a single timepiece from the exhibition Precision and Splendor: Clocks and Watches at the Frick Collection and present a brief talk on the subject as part of the series Tick Talks. These talks were held for the public throughout the summer of 2013, and as a final project, the interns created short videos of their work.

Education Intern Isabel Losada examines a pediment clock by 18th-century French clockmaker Lenoble á Paris.

Education Intern Sara Sampoli describes Henry Arlaud and Pierre II Huaud’s gold enamel pendant watch.

Education Intern Vanessa Yuan analyzes a barometer clock by French cabinetmaker Andres-Charles Boulle.

Education Intern Allie Rosen discusses an 18th-century French clock and vase set attributed to clockmaker Jean Martin.