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South Hall History

South Hall History

After entering the Frick home through the East Vestibule, visitors ascended through the foyer toward the South Hall, anchored by the Stair Hall at right. Here, a second axis led toward the Gallery, passing from the South Hall to the North Hall and uninterrupted by the central Living Hall. The halls were designed as a corridor for the public rooms—the Dining Room, Fragonard Room, Living Hall, and Library—each with views onto the Fifth Avenue Garden.

Decorative Art in the South Hall

Decorative Art in the South Hall

wooden chest or commode with gold design and marquetry by Jean-Henri Riesener Jean-Henri Riesener, 1734–1806. French. Commode and Secrétaire with Pictorial and Trellis Marquetry, late 18th century. Purchased 1915. Both pieces were made for Marie-Antoinette in the 1780s, possibly for her apartments in the Tuileries.
small porcelain portrait bust of Louis XV on a decorated turquoise porcelain pedestal

Sèvres Porcelain Biscuit Bust of Louis XV, on a Glazed Pedestal, both c. 1760. French. Given in memory of Guy Bauman by his friends, 1990.

elaborate wooden desk with five drawers, decorated with gold and tortiseshell marquetry Workshop of André-Charles Boulle, 1642–1732. French. Kneehole Desk with Tendril Marquetry of Tortoiseshell and Brass, c. 1700. Purchased 1918. Boulle’s productions were considered marvels from the outset, and admiration for the elaborate tortoiseshell and brass marquetry that he perfected continues to this day. His pieces were collected through the 18th century and the desk was modified by Étienne Levasseur (1721–1798) around 1770 to reflect the current taste.


  • photo of hallway with chairs, paintings, chandeliers, columns, circa 1927

    South Hall, 1927

  • photo of hallway with with painting, table, chandelier, circa 1927

    South Hall, 1927

  • photo of grand staircase and pipe organ at landing, archway, clock, sculptures, circa 1927

    Main Staircase, 1927

  • photo of grand staircase prepared for construction, with some protective cloth, circa 1933

    Main Staircase during construction of The Frick Collection, 1933

  • photo of hallway with paintings, chairs, tables, sculptures and chandelier, circa 1937

    South Hall, west wall, 1937

  • photo of hallway with chairs, chandelier and small pictures, circa 1942

    South Hall, west wall, 1942

  • photo of hallway with chairs with small pictures, circa 1942

    South Hall, east wall, 1942

  • photo of gallery hallway with three paintings, chairs, table, sculpture, circa 1965

    South Hall, looking west, 1965

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View Works Currently on Display in the South Hall

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View Works Currently on Display in the South Hall

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