Senior Staff

Ian Wardropper
Anna-Maria & Stephen Kellen Director

Anna Boatwright
Head of Business Strategy and Development

Sally Brazil
Associate Chief Librarian, Archives and Records

Rebecca Brooke
Head of Publications

Stephen Bury
Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian

Angie Calderwood
Associate Director of Development

Tia Chapman
Deputy Director for External Affairs

Diane Farynyk
Chief Registrar and Exhibition Manager

Megan Flynn Zinger

Kate Gerlough
Head of Retail and Visitor Services

Vivian Gill
Associate Director of Digital

Joseph Godla
Chief Conservator

Luciano Johnson
Associate Chief Librarian, Preservation, Imaging, and Creative Services

Anastasia Levadas
Associate Chief Librarian, Content

Genevra LeVoci
Head of Leadership Gifts

Alexis Light
Head of Marketing

Alison Lonshein
General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Suz Massen
Associate Chief Librarian, Access

Michaelyn Mitchell
Editor in Chief

Rowan Moody
Assistant Director of Individual Giving

Aimee Ng

Brian Nichols
Associate Director of Information Technology

Michael Paccione
Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Treasurer

Heidi Rosenau
Associate Director of Communications & Marketing

Xavier F. Salomon
Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator

Joseph Shatoff
Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer

Carolyn Straub
Associate Director for Capital Projects

Dennis Sweeney
Head of Operations

Colleen Tierney
Head of Special Events

Dana Spencer Winfield
Chief Human Resources Officer