Web Site Contributors


The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library acknowledge the following staff members, advisors, and Web site liaisons who work to make this Web site possible.

Digital Media

  • Floyd Sweeting III, Head, Technology and Digital Media
  • Vivian Gill, Creative Director for Digital Media
  • Valery Chen, Front-End Web Developer
  • Amanda Orchanian, Web Content Strategist

Video Production

  • Lisa Candage Goble, Media Producer
  • Sean Troxell, Associate Media Producer


  • Michaelyn Mitchell, Editor in Chief
  • Rebecca Brooke, Head of Publications for External Affairs
  • Hilary Becker, Associate Editor


  • Hilary Becker, Associate Editor
  • Joyce Bodig, Concerts Coordinator
  • Karaugh Brown, Associate Director for Individual Giving
  • Julia Day, Associate Conservator
  • Samantha Deutch, Assistant Director of the Center for the History of Collecting
  • Kate Gerlough, Head of Retail and Visitor Services
  • Allison Galea, Registrar
  • Adrienne Lei, Manager of Education and Public Programs
  • Suz Massen, Chief of Public Services
  • Alexis Light, Senior Manager of Media Relations and Marketing
  • Aimee Ng, Associate Curator
  • Jenna Nugent, Assistant to the Chief Curator
  • Ellen Prokop, Associate Photoarchivist
  • Heidi Rosenau, Associate Director of Media Relations and Marketing
  • Don Swanson, Chief, Collections Preservation
  • Colleen Tierney, Head of Special Events
  • Dana Winfield, Head of Human Resources
  • Louisa Wood Ruby, Associate Photoarchivist