Past Exhibitions

  • Drawings by Jean-Baptiste Le Prince for the Voyage en Siberie

    April 21, 1987 to June 14, 1987

    An exhibition of works by eighteenth-century French artist Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (1734–1781), who won fame in his native country for his colorful depictions of life in contemporary Russia. Included were the twenty-eight surviving drawings, on loan from the Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, that were executed by Le Prince to illustrate Abbé Jean Chappe d'Auteroche's Voyage en Sibérie, published in 1768.

  • Mounted Oriental Porcelain

    December 2, 1986 to March 1, 1987

    Forty-five masterpieces of Japanese and Chinese porcelain in elaborate European metal mounts began a three-museum tour at the Frick Collection. A number of drawings related to these unusual works of art were also on view. Organized and circulated by the International Exhibitions Foundation in Washington, D.C., this exhibition presented a wide range of exotic objects created for the high society of their time.

  • Fifty Life Drawings by Ingres from the Musée Ingres at Montauban

    May 6, 1986 to June 15, 1986

    This group of works by Ingres, culled from the thousands of drawings the French master bequeathed to his native town of Montauban at his death in 1867, was selected by the French-Israeli artist Avigdor Arikha. The fifty drawings were done in a wide range of media and cover all periods of the artist's long and prolific career. They included landscapes and portraits, as well as figural, drapery and compositional studies.

  • Two Portraits by Ingres: Princess de Broglie and Comtesse d’Haussonville

    April 29, 1986 to June 15, 1986

    The Trustees of the Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art graciously lent Ingres's portrait of the Princesse de Broglie to The Frick Collection to be exhibited alongside the Frick portrait of the subject's sister-in-law, the Comtesse d’Haussonville, as a complement to the exhibition J.-A.-D. Ingres: Fifty Life Drawings from the Musée Ingres at Montauban.

  • Ingres and the Comtesse d’Haussonville

    November 19, 1985 to February 16, 1986

    The Frick Collection's first show built around a single work of art was a loan exhibition devoted to Ingres's celebrated portrait of the Comtesse d'Haussonville.  The exhibition documented the evolution of the portrait, from hesistant sketches to the brilliant final canvas, and the life and character of the subject, including Mme. d'Haussonville's memoirs and her will.

  • Whistler in The Frick Collection

    November 27, 1984 to February 4, 1985

    In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834–1903), The Frick Collection exhibited all of its Whistler holdings. Whistler's The Ocean (left), three pastels of Venice, twelve etchings from his famous "Venice Set," a lithograph of Robert, Comte de Montesquiou-Fezensac, and two letters written to Montesquiou and R.A. Canfield were on view in the lower-level gallery.

  • Clodion Terracottas from North American Collections

    June 5, 1984 to September 30, 1984

    This important exhibition of terracotta sculptures by the French master Claude Michel (1738–1814), called Clodion, included eleven works from North American museums and private collections, and two signed and dated works in The Frick Collection: the Satyr with Two Bacchantes (1766) and the Zephyrus and Flora (1799).

  • French Clocks in North American Collections

    November 2, 1982 to January 31, 1983

    An unprecedented exhibition of nearly one hundred French clocks on loan from North American collections. One of a series of loan exhibitions intended to focus attention on lesser-known aspects of the collection’s holdings, French Clocks in North American Collections was organized around the four remarkable eighteenth-century French clocks in the museum.

  • The White, Allom Library Model at the Frick Collection

    August 4, 1982 to October 3, 1982

    A special exhibition devoted to White, Allom & Co., the decorating firm responsible for many of the first-floor interiors of The Frick Collection, centered around what is believed to be the decorator’s model for the Library, on loan from the Museum of the City of New York. Also included were a number of the collection’s own studies by White, Allom & Co.

  • Rembrandt Etchings

    March 31, 1982 to June 29, 1982

    All of the Rembrandt prints in The Frick Collection were on display for the first time in many years. Freshly cleaned, restored, and mounted in new mats, the prints offer brilliant testimony to Rembrandt’s intensity and range of expression and to his virtuoso mastery of the etching technique. The eleven prints included religious subjects, portraits, and landscapes.