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  • Honoring the Past and Enhancing the Future: A Conversation with Director Ian Wardropper

    Director Ian Wardropper (along with Publications Editor Rebecca Brooke), discusses the Frick’s plans to upgrade and expand its buildings, the institution’s first comprehensive upgrade since 1935. 

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  • Curating the Visual Landscape of Our Digital World

    The Artificial Intelligence revolution is underway and how we as a society are interacting with images is changing drastically in response. Computer vision technology is increasingly becoming the standard vehicle through which we navigate the visual world on our devices.

  • Recent Acquisition: Portrait of a Lady

    Margaret Iacono, Associate Research Curator, writes about a lost marble bust of Frick Art Reference founder Helen Clay Frick, by American sculptor Malvina Cornell Hoffman. A plaster model of the bust, a recent gift to the museum, represents an intriguing episode in Frick family history and provides a welcome opportunity to recall the career of a fascinating artist.

  • Winter 2018

    Director Ian Wardropper looks ahead to programs of the coming months and discusses the Frick’s inclusion in Apollo Magazine’s “best of 2017” awards. 

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  • Re-viewing Digital Technologies and Art History

    Photoarchive staff was involved in the publication of a special issue of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy: “Re-viewing Digital Technologies and Art History."

  • “Lost” Murillo Portrait Joins Special Exhibition

    Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator, writes about a painting believed to be a copy after a lost portrait by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (and described as such in the catalogue of the current special exhibition), this portrait has very recently been restored and discovered to be the original. It will remain on view through the rest of the New York exhibition.

  • Fall 2017

    Director Ian Wardropper discusses current and upcoming exhibitions, including Murillo: The Self-Portraits.

  • Special Loan: Vesuvius in the Shadow of Revolution

    Jenna Nugent, Assistant to the Chief Curator, writes on a loan by the French artist Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, which is currently on display in the North Hall. The landscape is one of only a few by Girodet executed during his time in Naples.

  • Looking Closely

    Scholars celebrate photoarchives for providing access to little-known works of art housed in private collections or in circulation on the art market. A feature of photoarchives that is less often appreciated, however, is how comprehensively they document famous works of art on public view.

  • Heads and Tales: A Conversation with Stephen K. Scher

    Stephen K. Scher, the co- curator (along with Associate Curator Aimee Ng) of the special exhibition The Pursuit of Immortality, discusses his decades-long fascination of portrait medals.