Curatorial Blog

  • Mapping Provenance: Vermeer's "Mistress and Maid"

    Digital tools allow us to visualize the trajectory of an artwork through time and space. Explore an interactive map tracing the meandering path of Johannes Vermeer’s Mistress and Maid (ca. 1666–67) around the globe, from Vermeer’s studio in Delft in the seventeenth century to the second floor of Frick Madison in 2021.
  • New Discoveries Offer Answers to Mystery of Frick's Vermeer

    The Frick's beloved Mistress and Maid (1666–67) by Johannes Vermeer poses many unanswered questions, notably its seemingly unfinished background. A recent technical study in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Doerner Institut uncovers important new information about the painting, one of only thirty-six works attributed to the artist. 
  • Special Exhibition: "Henry Arnhold’s Meissen Palace: Celebrating a Collector"

    Decorative Arts Curator Charlotte Vignon discusses the current Meissen exhibition, honoring the late Henry H. Arnhold.
  • John Updike and the Frick

    In 1991, Mirabella commissioned John Updike (1932–2009) to write a short article about the Frick. “We would simply like your thoughts as you wander through," wrote Wendy Gimbel, the magazine’s consulting editor. "Obviously, it’s completely up to you.”
  • Special Loan: John Singer Sargent’s "Fishing Boats at Whitby"

    John Witty, Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellow, writes on a loan by artist John Singer Sargent, which is currently on display through August. Fishing Boats at Whitby (1884) affords an opportunity to view a work created in a pivotal moment of the young artist’s career.
  • Rediscovering Vermeer’s "Mistress and Maid": The Newest Book in the Frick’s Diptych Series

    Margaret Iacono, Associate Research Curator, writes about Vermeer’s Mistress and Maid, the second diptych in the Frick's ongoing series.

  • Bronze Statuette Offers a Preview of Next Year’s Fall Exhibition

    Alexander J. Noelle, Anne L. Poulet Curatorial Fellow, previews the 2019 exhibition dedicated to the sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni. He discusses the artist’s statuette, Shield Bearer, which will be featured in the show, and is from the Frick’s permanent collection.

  • Recent Acquisition: Rare Vase by Luigi Valadier on View

    Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator, previews the upcoming fall exhibition dedicated to the Roman Silversmith, Luigi Valadier. He discusses the Frick’s recent acquisition of a rare vase by the artist, which will be featured in the show.

  • Recent Acquisition: Portrait of a Lady

    Margaret Iacono, Associate Research Curator, writes about a lost marble bust of Frick Art Reference founder Helen Clay Frick, by American sculptor Malvina Cornell Hoffman. A plaster model of the bust, a recent gift to the museum, represents an intriguing episode in Frick family history and provides a welcome opportunity to recall the career of a fascinating artist.

  • “Lost” Murillo Portrait Joins Special Exhibition

    Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator, writes about a painting believed to be a copy after a lost portrait by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (and described as such in the catalogue of the current special exhibition), this portrait has very recently been restored and discovered to be the original. It will remain on view through the rest of the New York exhibition.