Library Reading Lists

  • Reading List: National Hispanic Heritage Month

    The Frick Art Reference Library offers a recommended reading list from its collection in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The selected titles explore a wide array of contributions by Hispanic and Latinx artists, collectors, and scholars, vital fixtures in the history of the art in the United States.
  • Reading List: Pride Month

    Happy Pride Month from the Frick Art Reference Library! Celebrate by discovering a selection of recommended reads (both hardcover titles and freely accessible e-books) that spotlight LGBTQ+ art, artists, and history.
  • Reading List: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, browse through a list of recommended reading from the Frick Art Reference Library. Consult the physical books in our reading room at Frick Madison or peruse the free e-books online, all of which highlight artistic contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.
  • Reading List: Frick Madison

    Celebrate the recent opening of Frick Madison by exploring works on view at our temporary new home through past staff-written articles from the Members’ Magazine. Learn about the frames in the collection, conservation discoveries about a rare bronze, Frick’s first Vermeer acquisition, and much more. Past issues of the magazine—published three times a year as a benefit for members—can be browsed online in their entirety.
  • Reading List: Women's History Month

    In honor of Women’s History Month, discover ten free e-books available through the Frick Art Reference Library’s catalog that celebrate a wide range of women artists, art historians, and collectors throughout history.
  • Reading List: Black History Month

    The Frick Art Reference Library offers its first Reading List in celebration of Black History Month. Explore eight free e-book titles dedicated to the life, work, and legacy of Black American artists.