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Writing and Drawing at The Frick Collection, March 2009
Middle school students authored and illustrated imaginative museum stories based on works of art in The Frick Collection. Click on the images below to view their drawings and hear the students read their stories.

Student artwork in colored pencil of a woman wearing a hat and a dress with a rose

Student artwork in colored pencil of two figures and a horse in a boat in a river

Alice's Story (age: 13) Zofii's Story (age: 13)
Student artwork in colored pencil of a women in a blue gown and red hair ribbon holding a rose Student artowrk in colored pencil of a country landscape with a boat, a river, buildings, and clouds
Alexa's Story (age: 10) Teddy's Story (age: 10)
Student artwork of a costumed man in a black hat within a picture frame with right hand touching the bottom of the frame Student sketch of a sail boat in the ocean
Elska's Story (age: 13) Garrett's Story (age: 13)