The Digital Art History Lab

The Digital Art History Lab (DAHL) seeks to provide art historians with the digital tools and data necessary to explore new methodologies. It also aims to stimulate collaborations between art historians and specialists from a variety of fields, from computer science to historical Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In making the data sets amassed by the Frick Art Reference Library available to the public, we hope that developers, researchers, and others will create tools that are freely available to the community. We encourage novel uses of our data for applications that address a range of audiences—from general users to proficient researchers.

Preliminary Reading List

The DAHL Zotero Library is a collection of resources related to digital art history, links to digital art history projects, and key scholarship in the digital humanities. This list is not comprehensive, but it is designed to be a springboard for further research and will be continually updated. These resources can be accessed through our Zotero Library via the following link: You may also view a static version of the bibliography at the following link: