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"Aeneas and Achates Outside the Temple of Juno" (Book I, lines 418‒463)

A drawing of two men in antique dress standing just outside a portico with handwritten text included underneath the image.

Aeneas and Achates Outside the Temple of Juno (Book I, lines 418-463), ca. 1615
Pen and brown ink, brown wash, red chalk; 193 x 160 mm
Paris, Louvre (inv. no. 23130)

Sy coomen inde Stadt en sien daer nerstich bouwen
De muren thoorenshoogh, huijsen van goede stof
T’heaters, piramids, wyt eenen gebouwen
Maer Junos Tempel schoon had bouen al den lof
Æneas hier vertoeft om Dido aen te sprecken
In het vergult portael, daer hy geschildert vandt
Den vreeden Troyschen crijgh, dies dunckt hem thert te brecken
Gedachtich het verlies van t’lieue vaderlandt

They come into the city and see there diligent building
The walls tower-high, well-made houses
Detached theatres and pyramids
But Juno’s Temple clearly deserved more praise than all the rest
Aeneas lingered here in order to speak to Dido
In the gilded doorway, there he found painted
The cruel Trojan war, that caused his heart to break
Thinking of the loss of the beloved fatherland