"Battle between Trojans and Latins" (Book XI, lines 496ff.)

Battle between Trojans and Latins (Book XI, lines 496ff.), ca. 1615
Pen and brown ink and brown wash over graphite; 197 x 158 mm (annotated “HG” lower left)
Sotheby’s, London, July 6, 2005, lot 34


Camillæ volck verbaest, dat vlucht tot inde wallen
Midts dat die vande s[t]adt hun sluyten voor de poort
Elendich ouer hoop sy inde grachten vallen
Alwaer dat den Troijaen in haer doet groote moort
Turnus die krijght de weet, daer hy lach inde laeghen
Dies bracht hij daetlijck op, Æneas coomt me deur
Gelijckelijck voor de stadt, daer sij malcandren saegen
Maer soo den Auont valt, slaet elck sijn tent daer ve[ur?]

Surprised, Camilla’s people flee onto the ramparts
Because those from the city closed the gates in front of them
Disastrously they fall in the moats
Where they are murdered by the Trojans
Turnus finds out because he was spying on what happened
And he immediately brings the news over, upon which Aeneas
Directly comes to the city, where they see each other