Books IV-VI

A drawing of two young women dressed in elegant antique dress conversing in the coffered hall of a classical palace. A drawing of two men in classical dress, one on horseback and one of foot, fleeing from a storm.
A drawing of a naked winged female figure with a trumpet soaring above a classical landscape in which a crowd of people have gathered in front of a round temple. A drawing of a standing man in classical dress taking leave of a seated, weeping woman in an elegant room in a large palace overlooking a harbor.
A drawing of a woman dressed in robes and a veil confronting a man in antique costume on the shore of a busy seaport where several men are engaged in building a ship. A drawing of two women, one older and wearing a veil and the other much younger and wearing a crown, seated and engaged in discussion in a large, elegant room of a classical palace.
A drawing of a god appearing on a bank of clouds to a man in classical armor reclining on the rocky shores of a deserted seaport, where several ships are anchored. A drawing of an old man with a long beard dressed in robes appearing to a younger man reclining in a canopied bed set in a darkened room.
A drawing of dozens of women and children in antique dress standing on the shores of a busy seaport watching men in classical armor leave to board several ships. A drawing of Venus floating on a cloud above a turbulent sea speaking to Neptune, who is seated on a sea creature and bears his trident.
A drawing of a man in antique armor accompanied by a cloaked figure walking through an apocalyptic landscape with ruined walls and towers and several naked figures suffering various tortures. A drawing of several figures in a landscape setting with a man in armor accosting a young near a ruined brick wall.
A drawing of a robed, veiled figure leading a man in antique armor into a large, dark, vaulted ruin that shelters scores of mythological figures such as centaurs and griffons.