Books IX-XII

A drawing of a woman in classical dress stepping toward a man in antique armor reclining under a tree. In the background, a rainbow arches over the scene of an encampment. A drawing of a man in antique armor on horseback riding before the massive gates of a classical fortified town and drawing his sword.
A drawing of a soldier in antique costume bearing a shield and wielding a sword pursuing a second soldier on foot. A drawing of a crying woman falling to her knees supported between two soldiers in antique armor.
A drawing of several Olympian gods and goddesses seated on clouds floating above a military camp set up on the shores the sea. A drawing of a battle between foot soldiers in classical armor on the shores of a sea with boats sailing in the background.
A drawing of two armored figures meeting on a battlefield just outside the fortified walls of an ancient city. A drawing of several soldiers in antique armor gathered around a tent in a military encampment.
A drawing of a battle raging before the fortified walls of an ancient city in the foreground of which a giant man in antique armor fights off several smaller soldiers. A drawing of a young woman in antique armor dying in the arms of two soldiers who are trying to support her collapsing figure.
A drawing of a standing women in flowing robes and a crown and accompanied by a peacock speaking to a naked female goddess reclining against a large urn. A drawing of several men in armor gathered around a small altar at which a priest is conducting a sacrifice.
A drawing of several courtiers on a platform in front of a palace overlooking a battlefield below. To the right of the viewer, a woman lies in the arms of a servant; nearby, a king brandishes a sword. A drawing of a god and a goddess seated on clouds overlooking a raging battle far below them.