A drawing of a woman surrounded by several different animals, including a bear, a fox and a lion, standing by the sea and greeting sailors in a ship. A drawing of several men engaged in digging, carrying raw materials, or building homes of brick and mortar.
A drawing of a bare-chested man gesturing wildly at a queen seated next to her consort in the sumptuous throne room of a classical palace. A drawing of several women in antique dress with crowns of flowers and leaves dancing in a woodland setting.
A drawing of a man in robes appearing to a man reclining in a canopied bed set in an elegant classical palace. A drawing of a hunting scene set in a forest, in the foreground of which a stag sporting a jeweled collar is chased by three dogs.
A drawing of a standing older man crowned with leaves and carrying a cornucopia pointing out a nearby river to a reclining man in antique dress. A drawing of several men in antique armor trying to capture wild pigs running loose on the shores of a broad river.
A drawing of several men and women enjoying a feast spread out on the ground of an elegant garden near the sea. A drawing of a king wearing heavy robes and a crown welcoming a younger man in antique armor into a large, lofty room in a classical palace where a canopied bed has been placed.
A drawing of several half-naked men working in a forge set up in a cave that opens onto the shores of a sea. A drawing of Venus and Cupid standing on the edge of a battlefield and offering a man in antique dress an elaborate suit of armor.