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"The Fall of Troy" (Book II, lines 437ff. )

A drawing of a battle scene within the walls of the ancient city of Troy with handwritten text included below the image.

The Fall of Troy (Book II, lines 437ff.), ca. 1615
Pen and brown ink, with brown wash, over black chalk; 193 x 162 mm
Formerly Emile Wolf, New York

Het koninklijk casteel en hoof dat woort beclommen
Aan eenen arm den schilt in d’ander handt het swaart
De griecken stoutelijck tot op de muren commen
En worden wederom daer somwijl afgheweert
De Troysche doen to neer den hoeghen thoren sacken
…aer onder menich Grieck al stormendt versmacht
…aer t’helpt niet, want waer dat sin(?) heir begint to swachen
Daer wert (met goet beleyt) weer niew volck toe gebracht

The royal court and castle, it was ascended,
In one arm the shield, in the other hand the sword,
The Greeks come boldly up to the walls
And are again thrown off sometimes
The Trojans raze the high tower
Under which many a Greek succumbs while storming
But that does not help, because as soon as their army begins to weaken,
There (with good management) was brought in new manpower