Manet: Three Paintings from the Norton Simon Museum

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Édouard Manet (1832–1883) has been credited with sparking nearly every important movement of modern art. “Manet was as important to us,” Pierre-Auguste Renoir reflected on behalf of the Impressionists, “as Cimabue and Giotto were to the Italian Renaissance.” In this perceptive volume, David Pullins views three paintings from the Norton Simon Museum through three different lenses, elucidating the painter’s facility in paint and composition in Fish and Shrimp (1864), his complex relationship to source materials in The Ragpicker (ca. 1865–71, possibly reworked in 1876–77), and the role of family relationships in Madame Manet (ca. 1876). This insightful resource sheds new light on a singular and monumental artist who occupied a pivotal position between the old masters and modernism.

Author: David Pullins

Publisher: The Frick Collection

Softcover, 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., 95 pages, 34 color illustrations

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