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Memling's Portraits (French edition)

Catalogue accompanying Memling's Portraits (presented at the Frick Collection from October 12 to December 31, 2005), a comprehensive gathering of works in this genre by the celebrated Netherlandish artist Hans Memling (ca. 1435–1494). Memling’s oeuvre comprises some one hundred paintings, of which thirty are portraits. Executed in Bruges between 1470 and the artist’s death some twenty-five years later, his portraits bear eloquent witness to “Memling’s exasperatingly seamless evolution,” as noted in 1998 by Memling scholar Dirk De Vos.


Till-Holger Borchert

With contributions by Maryan W. Ainsworth, Lorne Campbell, and Paula Nuttall

Ludion, Belgium

Softcover, 191 pages, color illustrations
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