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Murillo: The Self-Portraits

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The appearance of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, one of the finest painters of the Spanish Golden Age, is known primarily from two self-portraits, one painted early in his career, the other twenty years later. This book accompanies the exhibition that brings these two remarkable paintings together. Essays by Xavier F. Salomon and Letizia Treves investigate the self-portraits, as well as other portraits by the artist, and recent technical analysis by a team of experts provides new insight into the methods of one of the most celebrated and influential European painters.

Authors:  Xavier F. Salomon and Letizia Treves with María Álvarez-Garcillán, Silvia A. Centeno, Jaime García-Máiquez, Larry Keith, Dorothy Mahon, and Nicole Ryder

Publisher: The Frick Collection in association with Yale University Press

Hardcover, 9 ½ x 11 7/8 in., 144 pages, 92 color illustrations

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