two sided tote bag with pictures of elegant women in blue dnd gold gowns

Van Dyck Tote Bag (doublesided)

Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641)

Genoese Noblewoman, 1625-27


Lady Anne Carey, Later Viscountess Claneboye and Countess of Clanbrassil, ca. 1636

The Frick Collection

Anthony van Dyck enjoyed an international career that led him from his native Flanders to the great artistic centers of Italy, France, and, ultimately, the court of Charles I in England. His sitters represent the social and artistic elite of his age, and his unparalleled achievement in portraiture marked a turning point in the history of European painting.

Examples of Van Dyck’s Genoese and English periods, the portraits on this tote both feature an elegant lady in a three-quarter pose. By the early 20th century, Van Dyck’s portraits, especially his images of the Italian and English aristocracy, had come to epitomize for an American audience Old World European elegance and sophistication. Henry Clay Frick (1849–1919) purchased the Genoese Noblewoman in 1914 and Lady Anne Carey in 1917.

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Canvas, made in the USA

14 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches, 11 inch drop on the handles
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Anthony Van Dyck