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Minimum Requirements

  • Java 4
  • Safari (4+)
  • Chrome (7+)
  • Firefox (3+, with Flash)
  • Opera (10+, with Flash)
  • IE (6+ with Flash)
  • Mobile Safari (iOS 3+)
  • Android (2.2+, with Flash)

If needed, please go to and download the latest software for your computer operating system. After the software has downloaded it must be installed. You will then have to close the browser and then return to the tour before the software is functional. For installation procedures and additional information, see Java.

Note: Unfortunately, IPIX™ hotspots are not supported in Mac Safari. You can still view the 3D tour, but you will not be able to click inside the room for further details on individual works of art.


If you have any questions about how to navigate through the tour, please go to IPIX™ FAQs for detailed instructions. After the Java software has been installed, you should be able to view the virtual tour. If you can see the image below, your computer is properly configured.

As you view a full 360-degree panorama using IPIX™ technology, you can pan around the room, zoom in and out, and examine any part of the room at your own pace. You can also click on individual works of art for a closer view and to read about the work of art and the artist, or click on doorways to enter different rooms in the Collection. For more information, see IPIX™ 360° Navigation.


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