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Acoustiguide Audio Tour (Handheld Listening Device)


The Acoustiguide Audio Tour, our random-access digital audio guide that offers recorded information about the masterpieces on view through a handheld listening device, is t-coil compatible. The system provides up to three hours of material in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish and is included in the price of admission. Transcripts are available on the website, and our mobile app.


Assistive-Listening Devices


Assistive-listening devices (headsets and neck loops) are available for sound amplification for all programs in the Music Room. Please ask an attendant at the Admissions Desk to request a device.

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Audiovisual Presentation


Films, including Introduction to The Frick Collection film are open captioned. For more information, see Film Introduction.

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Wheelchair Access

  The museum and Library are accessible to visitors who use wheelchairs or walkers.


The wheelchair ramp is just to the left of the main entrance of the museum on 70th Street, through a gate labeled "Service and Office Entrance." Open the gate or call for assistance using the call box located to the left of the gate, and proceed down the ramp to the basement Receiving Room.


The security staff will assist visitors in wheelchairs from the Receiving Room to the ground floor galleries or the Library reading rooms via elevator. An elevator is also available for visitors needing assistance from the ground floor to the lower level special exhibition galleries.

Due to the architectural limitations of this landmarked building, regrettably some large wheelchairs cannot fit in our elevators. The entrance width of the elevator is 27 inches and the car is 48 inches deep. We have small wheelchairs available if needed. (The museum and Library have wheelchairs available for visitors on a first-come, first-served basis.) 


A fully accessible restroom is located on the ground floor.

Web Site Access

  We provide access to our website by captioning visual content and images to provide as much information as possible to the visually impaired and those who use text versions of the Web site.

For more information, call 212-288-0700 or email