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Frick Art Reference Library.
Helen Clay Frick Records - Correspondence
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Helen Clay Frick (1888-1984) founded the Frick Art Reference Library in 1920 and served as its director until 1983. Helen Clay Frick Correspondence documents her tenure from 1921 to 1960. Letters, notes, lists, and photographs concern administrative and personnel matters, staff work, building and construction, Library furnishings, acquisitions and gifts, art research, staff events, special projects, Library photographing expeditions, and some personal matters. Correspondents include Library staff, Library trustees, art scholars, contractors and vendors, libraries, museums, and other institutions.

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Helen Clay Frick Records - Correspondence. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives.

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Historical Note

Helen Clay Frick (1888-1984) founded the Frick Art Reference Library in 1920 and served as its director until 1983. Over the course of her tenure, the Library grew from a modest collection of photographs and books housed in the Frick residence bowling alley to a world-renowned art library. Miss Frick founded the Library in honor of her father, industrialist and art collector Henry Clay Frick, who died in 1919. His will, which established his former New York home and art collection as a museum, The Frick Collection, called for "encouraging and developing the study of fine arts..." With this objective in mind, Miss Frick drew inspiration from the photograph library of Sir Robert Witt in London, and began to set up her own art library in the Frick residence. The first head librarian, Ruth Savord, was hired, and the staff grew to 15 members by the end of 1921.

By 1922, the collections of photographs, books, periodicals, and catalogues had outgrown the shelving set up in the bowling alley. The Frick Collection trustees agreed to share the costs of construction of a library building with Miss Frick, and offered a vacant lot owned by the Collection at 6 East 71st Street as its site. This parcel of land had been considered for a sculpture gallery by Henry Clay Frick in 1916; although the gallery was never constructed, the architectural drawings by Thomas Hastings were repurposed for the design of the Library building. Construction began on May 14, 1923, and the new Frick Art Reference Library building opened on May 23, 1924. Ruth Savord resigned as head librarian in 1924 and was replaced by Ethelwyn Manning.

During its first decades, the staff worked closely with art scholars, enlisting their assistance in acquiring items for the Library, and providing provenance information for paintings documented in the photograph collection. Many donated books, photographs, and their research material to the Library. Art scholars, including Walter W.S. Cook, Count Umberto Gnoli and Richard Offner, gave lectures and held classes at the Library from the 1920s until the early 1940s.

Art experts were also enlisted in identifying works of art in private collections and institutions for the Library to photograph throughout the U.S. These photographing expeditions began in 1922 with a trip to Virginia, and continued until the 1960s. In 1925, Helen Clay Frick also contracted Mario Sansoni to photograph works of art in Italy; over the course of 50 years, he sent the Library over 30,000 images. Clotilde Brière and Lea Danesi Tolnay also worked for the Library from Europe, acquiring books, periodicals, catalogs and photographs, as well as assisting with photographing and indexing projects.

By 1929, the stacks in the new building were full, and discussions with The Frick Collection trustees for expansion were once again raised. After Henry Clay Frick's wife Adelaide died in 1931, planning to convert the Frick residence into a museum began, and soon included addressing the need for more space for the Library. While various properties in the area were being investigated, buildings at 10-12 East 71st Street, adjacent to the Library building, came up for sale. The purchase of this land expanded architect John Russell Pope's commission to include the construction of an entirely new building for the Library, in addition to converting areas of the residence and constructing additional spaces for The Frick Collection. The new Library building contained two Reading Rooms on the third floor, a photographic laboratory, closed stacks, staff offices and work areas, and a Penthouse floor with two "rest rooms" or lounges for staff, a kitchen, and a terrace overlooking Central Park.

In preparations made before the beginning of World War II, the Library's photograph collection was microfilmed, and Library materials were stored in the new Frick Collection vault. During the war, the Frick Art Reference Library provided space in the Reading Room for the work of the Committee of the American Council of Learned Societies on Protection of Cultural Treasures in War Areas from 1943 to 1945. With the assistance of Frick librarians and the Library's staff photographers, the Committee created maps with indexes to identify areas of cultural importance that Allied bombers should avoid.

Ethelwyn Manning retired in 1947; Hannah Johnson Howell became head librarian that same year and remained in the position until her retirement in 1970.

The Frick Art Reference Library operated as an independent institution until the death of Helen Clay Frick in 1984, when it became a part of The Frick Collection.

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Scope and Content Note

Helen Clay Frick Records - Correspondence documents Miss Frick's tenure as founder and director of the Frick Art Reference Library from 1921 to 1960. Letters, notes, lists, and photographs concern administrative and personnel matters, staff work, building and construction, Library furnishings, acquisitions and gifts, art research, staff events, special projects, and Library photographing expeditions. Miss Frick served as director until 1983; additional Helen Clay Frick correspondence can be found in the Helen Clay Frick Papers in this repository.

Correspondents include Library staff, Library trustees, art scholars, contractors and vendors, libraries, museums, and other institutions. In some cases, the correspondence concerns personal matters, such as offers of works of art, invitations, and financial appeals. Includes some folders filed by subject rather than correspondent. Several of the furnishings files contain fabric samples.

Of note are the files of chief librarians Ruth Savord (1920-1924) and Ethelwyn Manning (1924-1947), which document the administration and activities of the Library. Staff photographer Ira W. Martin's files concern photographing trips and other special projects. Files of other staff members often contain personal requests and thank yous directed to Miss Frick. F. Mason Perkins' correspondence with Helen Clay Frick details his early acquisitions work for the Library in Italy, as well as his numerous offers of works of art. Also of note is some correspondence with sculptor Malvina Hoffman, regarding a proposed lunette for the Library exterior. Many files contain information on French sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon, a primary focus of Helen Clay Frick's art research.

Files of the architectural firm Carrère & Hastings (including a file labeled "Fireplace") concern the design and construction of the original Frick Art Reference Library building at 6 East 71st Street. Helen Clay Frick's dissatisfaction with the project is detailed in her correspondence with Thomas Hastings.

Also of note is the file "Protection of Cultural Treasures in War Areas," which documents the Frick Art Reference Library's involvement in assisting this Committee of the American Council of Learned Societies in drafting maps and creating indexes of cultural institutions and monuments for use by Allied forces. Other material related to World War II includes the "Defense and Protection of Library Materials" file, the "Staff (Library)" file, and the letters of the Sansoni family, Lea Danesi Tolnay and Clotilde Brière, which contain personal narratives of their experiences in Europe during and just after the war.

Includes some letters in French and Italian. Architectural drawings have been transferred to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Architectural Records.

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Files are arranged alphabetically by correspondent name.

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Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

These records are generally open for research by appointment under the conditions of The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives Access Policy, although selected documents that contain personal information are restricted. For all inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Archives Department at

Processing Information

Arranged and described by Sally Brazil, 1998; updated by Susan Chore, 2004 and 2015.

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Related Materials

Related Materials

Helen Clay Frick Records - Correspondence with Staff. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives.

Helen Clay Frick Papers, Series II: Correspondence. The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Carrère & Hastings.


  • Correspondence.

Personal Name(s)

  • Brière-Misme, Clotilde.
  • Frick, Helen Clay, 1888-1984.
  • Hastings, Thomas, 1860-1929.
  • Hoffman, Malvina, 1887-1966.
  • Manning, Ethelwyn.
  • Martin, Ira W.
  • Perkins, F. Mason.
  • Sansoni, Mario.
  • Savord, Ruth, 1894-
  • Tolnay, Lea Danesi.


  • Art libraries.
  • Art treasures in war.
  • Building construction.
  • Library administration.
  • Library architecture.
  • Library employees.
  • World War, 1939-1945--Art and the war.

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Collection Inventory

1 1-2

A - Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Abegg, Mrs. Werner (Margaret), 1952 - Re Helen Clay Frick viewing the private collection of Mrs. Abegg's father-in-law in Zurich.

Abromowitz, Mrs. Sheldon Lewis - Address only, undated

A.C.A. Gallery, 1943

Adams, Edward, 1926

Aiken Nurseries, 1932-1934

Alexander & Reid Company [Contractors for floor and wall tiling], 1924 - Contracted to Cauldwell-Wingate for work done on Frick Residence, One East 70th Street.

Allen, Mrs., 1925

Allied Motor Transportation Co., Inc., 1940

Almgren, Sven, 1938-1942 - Re planting and hedge clipping at Frick Art Reference Library.

American Appraisal Company, 1952

American Association of Museums, 1931

American District Telegraph Company, Inc., 1935-1941

American Excursion Company, 1927 - Re hiring bus for transport of staff to Bedford, N.Y. for annual picnic.

American Federation of Arts, 1931

American Flag Co., 1936

American Optical Company, 1940

American Red Cross, 1942 - Thank you for $217 donation from Frick Art Reference Library to War Fund.

American Society of the French Legion of Honor, 1933 - Mentions Houdon's funeral monument of Count d'Ennery.

Ames, Mr. A., Jr., Dartmouth College, 1923

Ames and Rollinson, 1952

Anderson, Mrs. Arthur M., 1934

Angelica Jacket Co., 1940

Arden Studios, Inc., 1931 - Order for terrace garden furniture.

Art and Archaeology, 1922

Art Gallery of Toronto, 1936

Art Institute of Chicago, 1944

Art Reference Round Table, 1931 - Minutes of two meetings.

[The] Arts Center Program, Columbia University, 1956 - Response notes, "Miss Frick is not interested in modern art."

Avinoff, A., Carnegie Museum, 1933 - Inquiry about Houdon's sculpture of Princess Daschkaw. Avinoff thanks Helen Clay Frick for fabric for Russian Room in museum.

Awnings, 1930-1952 - Correspondence with Wm. E. Smith & Sons re canopy over Frick Art Reference Library entrance on East 71st Street, and Ernest Chandler for sixth floor awning. Includes fabric samples and drawing on tracing paper.


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1 3

Baldwin, Muriel [Library staff]


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1 4

Barretto, Anna [Library Staff]


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1 5

Berenson, Bernard and Mary

Folder contains 1925 letter from Mary Berenson re subscription to S. Angelo in Formis photographs and three letters from Helen Clay Frick to Bernard Berenson, thanking him for copies of his books and photographs of the paintings in his collection.

1925, 1951-1956

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1 6

Binks, Isobel [Library staff]

Folder contains thank you letter to Helen Clay Frick for sending her to Paris to research Houdon (1938), as well as a handwritten poem by Miss Frick to Isobel Binks upon her retirement.


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1 7

Bobbink & Atkins [Rutherford, N.J.] (nursery)

Re ordering plants for terrace garden.


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1 8

Books Stored at Pride’s Crossing

Re Frick Art Reference Library books that sustained water damage.


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1 9-10

Brière, Clotilde [2 folders]

Gaston Brière's upcoming lecture at The Frick Collection is discussed in May 7, 1939 letter. Correspondence during World War II concerns Helen Clay Frick's offer to arrange passage to America for the Brières (which they refused), and conditions in France during the German occupation. Correspondence in French; contains handwritten summaries of letters in English. See also: Frick Art Reference Library - Staff Records - Clotilde Brière.


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1 11-12

“B” Miscellaneous [2 folders]

"Backward Glances," undated - Newspaper column re R. Peale in Charleston.

Baer, Carlyle S., 1932 - Re bookplates.

Baker, Blanche, 1922 - Includes admission ticket to the Frick galleries.

Baker & Taylor Co., 1936

Ball, John J., 1949

Baltimore, undated - "List of Owners & Their Addresses whose Paintings we have Photographed in Baltimore & Vicinity."

Barkor, Harold O., 1922 - Refusal of set of catalogues of Bacon Art Collection for Sir Robert Witt.

Barlow, Samuel L.M., 1954

Barnes, Augusta, 1947 - Re photographs of St. Albans' mural paintings with accompanying notes.

Batz, Georges, & Company, 1948

Baukier, Jane - Address only, undated

Baumstone, Teina, 1934 - Order for slipcovers for Helen Clay Frick's chairs. Includes fabric sample.

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., undated - Re stereopticon.

Bayley, F.W. (Copley Galleries), 1925

Bedford Garden Club, 1934

Belichon, Ida M., 1927

Belknap, Henry W. (The Essex Institute), 1927 - Includes text of notice calling for owners of family portraits to contact the Frick Art Reference Library.

Bellinger, Katharine M., undated

Benisovich, Michael, undated [in French]

Bestetti & Tumminelli, 1923

Biddle, Edward, 1932 - Re opinion of Houdon busts in the Piazza-Chaigneau sale at the American Art Association.

Bloomingdales, 1931, 1945

Bogin, Rosalind, 1950

Bolton, C.K. (Boston Athenaeum), 1923

Bolton, Theodore, 1926 - Invoice for work on Gilbert Stuart book.

Bordley, Charles Rogers, 1948, 1952

Botticelli - Phone number only

Bradfield, Mrs. J.A.L., 1923 - Re provenance of Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington purchased by Henry Clay Frick.

Brown, Marie Isable, undated

Brown, William [Library staff], 1930

Bruce, Mrs. Curtis B., Jr. (Lucy M.) [Library staff], 1944

Bruce, Duncan, 1950

Brusselars, Miss [Library staff], 1923

Burroughs, Alan (Fogg Art Museum), 1930


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1 13

Campbell, John [Library staff]


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1 14-17

Carrère & Hastings [4 folders]

Folders contain correspondence with Thomas Hastings re construction of original Frick Art Reference Library building at 6 East 71st Street. Letters include discussions of lighting, flooring, masonry, paint, security, utilities, office furniture and equipment. Correspondence reflects Helen Clay Frick's displeasure with the quality of the construction project. Four architectural drawings were transferred to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Architectural Records.


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1 18

Carrère & Hastings - Glass Windows in Italian room

Re windows in Helen Clay Frick's sixth floor office. Two blueprints transferred to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Architectural Records.


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1 19

Cauldwell & Wingate Co.

Folder contains correspondence and payroll sheets for construction work done on original Library building at 6 East 71st Street.


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2 1

Chater, Marjorie [Library staff]

1924-1925, 1954

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2 2

Chubb, Charles F. [Library Trustee]


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2 3

Clay, Miriam [Library staff]


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2 4

Colle, Doriece [Library staff]


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2 5

Constable, W.G. (National Gallery, London)

Correspondence contains discussions of photograph collection of Dr. Paul Ganz, and the Frick Art Reference Library as a possible repository of negatives of artworks found in the American Zone taken by the military in Munich. See Also Frick Art Reference Library - Central Correspondence - Museums - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


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2 6-7

Contingent Cash Account (Library) [2 folders]


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2 8

Cook, Dr. Walter W.S

Folder contains correspondence re Cook's class held at the Library and his purchase of photographs in Spain. Also includes discussion of collecting photographs in Russia, and a College Art Association exhibition of Russian art. See also: Frick Art Reference Library - Central Correspondence - Cook, Walter W.S.

1926-1937, 1952

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2 9

Cramer, William [Library staff]


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2 10

“C” Miscellaneous

Caldwell, Edward F., & Co. Inc., 1939

Carlton, Marie, 1953

Carrington, Mrs. Cullen, 1922

Cathcart, Mrs. K.M., 1930

Cavalier, Monsieur J., 1936 [in French]

Cecchini, Antonio, 1932

Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company, 1949

Chapman, Eleanor H., 1952

Chapellier, Georges, 1955

Chappell, Helen [Library staff], 1954

Chase National Bank, 1931, 1939

Choate, Mrs. Arthur O., undated

Christian Science Monitor, undated

City Museum and Art Gallery (Birmingham, England), 1937

Clapp, Frederick M., 1930 - Re advice on obtaining photos of Russian art from Professor Whittemore.

Clark, Mrs. C.G.V. (Ethel Burnet), 1933

Clark & Mills Electric Co., 1923

Cole, Rufus, undated

Collins, Mr. V. Lansing, 1933

Colonial Dames, 1953

Colonial Period, undated

Columbia Fire Extinguisher Co., 1928

Communism in Art, undated

Connolly, John, 1943-1944

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., 1948

Cook, Mrs. Henry A., 1924

Cooley, Walter F., Jr., 1954-1960

Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1932 - Information on composition of Houdon bust at Mount Vernon.

Cortissoz, Royal, 1926 - Letter of thanks to Helen Clay Frick for her involvement in getting Lawrence Park's book Gilbert Stuart published.

Courtauld Institute of Art, 1952 - Letter from director informing Helen Clay Frick that the Witt Library is now formally the property of the Courtauld.

Cowan, Georgina, 1928

Crawford, Lord (National Art Collections Fund, London), 1953 - Helen Clay Frick notes that Sir Robert Witt was very active in preventing the importation to the United States of the portrait of Christina of Denmark by Holbein for purchase by her father.

Creelman, Alice, 1933 - Offer to sell Helen Clay Frick portraits by Duykinck.

Cresap, McCormick & Paget - Address only, undated

Currey, Margery, 1935

Curtis, Mrs. Charles P., 1930


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2 11

Dallas, Robert [Library staff]


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2 12

Defense and Protection of Library Materials

Folder contains plan for storage of books and photographs in case of war emergency, photographs of new vault construction, and "If It Comes: How to Protect Yourself" Public Information Pamphlet No. 1 published by the Emergency Board of New York City. Also a 1941 letter from National Resources Planning Board re establishing a committee in N.Y. to plan for the protection of "museum objects, works of art, records, manuscripts and library holdings," as well as other World War II-related material. Four blueprints transferred to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Architectural Records.


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2 13

“D” Miscellaneous

Darling, Charles [photographer], 1924, 1929

Davidson, Sidney Wetmore, 1925

Davis, F.E. [Library staff], 1931

Davis, Collamore & Co. Ltd., 1931

De la Carte, Miss [Library staff], 1924

Decour, M., 1933 - Re Houdon. [in French]

Detroit Publishing Company, 1923 - Photograph order of Yale School of Fine Arts paintings.

DeWald, Professor Ernest Y., undated

Dinsmoor, William B., 1934

Doll & Richards, Inc., 1931

Donaldson, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. (Jane), undated

Donaldson, Virginia L. [Library staff], 1945

Dons, Liliane, 1956 [in French]

Douai, Bibliotheque Municipale de, 1946

Drury, Samuel, 1923

Duffey, Bernard [Library staff], 1926

Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., 1938

Dunbar, Miss D. Mary, 1924

Durand-Ruel, 1952 - Re gift of entire file of photographs from gallery.

Durlacher Brothers, 1928


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2 14

Employment (Library) - Applications, etc.

1924-1925, 1927

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2 15

“E” Miscellaneous

Edison Company, New York, 1924

Egbert, Professor Donald Drew, 1948 - Re gift of his book, Princeton Portraits.

Ege, Mrs. Otto F., 1953

Eggert, Dorothy [Library staff], 1953-1954

Ehrich, Walter L., 1924

Eidlitz, Robert, 1933 - Re gift of his book Medals and Medallions Relating to Architects.

Eidlitz, Marc, & Son, Inc., 1935

Ely, Alfred (Agar, Ely & Fulton), 1931

Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, Ltd., 1950

Endicott, Anna G., 1924 - Re permission to photograph portrait of Zachariah Hicks.

Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1948-1949

Essex Institute, undated

Exposition El Greco, 1937 [in French]


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2 16

Farmers Federation Educational and Development Fund, Inc.


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2 17

Fielding, Mantle

Folder contains correspondence re Gilbert Stuart and Houdon research.


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2 18


Folder contains correspondence with Thomas Hastings and subcontractors re problems with the Italian fireplace in Helen Clay Frick’s private office at the Frick Art Reference Library. Includes one photograph.


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2 19

Fosburgh, Hugh

Folder contains correspondence re the purchase and redistribution of the book The Hunter by Fosburgh at Helen Clay Frick's expense.


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2 20

Frick Park (Pittsburgh)

Folder contains report by Mellon National Bank and Trust Co. (Park Trustee) on Frick Park, provision for which was made in Henry Clay Frick's will. Color map of the park is included at back of report.


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2 21

“F” Miscellaneous

Farr, Daniel, 1923

Faull, Dr. J.H., 1950

Field, Ivy V. [Library staff], 1950

Fife, Margaret [Library staff], 1944

Findley, Kate Oudry, 1931

Findley, P.B., 1931

Finley, David E., 1946

Finley, Mrs. John H. (Martha) (Y.W.C.A.), 1949

First Iron Works Association, 1950

Focillon, Henri ( Gazette des Beaux-Arts), 1942 - Request for Helen Clay Frick to become a member of their Conseil de Direction to help them reestablish their publication in the U.S., after being forced to discontinue in France.

Forbes, Edward W., (Fogg Museum of Art), 1928 - Re project of x-raying paintings in Italy (supervised by Count Umberto Gnoli). Mario Sansoni originally slated to be the photographer; Helen Clay Frick asked that Count Gnoli hire someone else.

Foster, Mabel L., 1950

Foster, Myron (Hesperian Orchards), 1950

Foulkas, Marie N., 1942

Frick, Mrs. Sam, undated

Frick Art Reference Library, 1930, 1943

Fry, Gladys Gordon, undated

Furber, Audrey McM., 1956


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3 1

Galbreath, Mrs. Elsie [Library staff]


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3 2

Ganz, Dr. Paul

Folder contains correspondence re Library purchasing his collection of photographs of the works of Holbein.


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3 3

Giametta, John [Library staff]


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3 4

Gnoli, Count Umberto

Folder contains correspondence re his lectures at the Library in 1926 and 1928, and his purchase of photographs for the Library. Contains one letter in French.


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3 5

“G” Miscellaneous

Gallatin, Albert E., 1948 - Re his gift of a scrapbook related to the exhibition, Allied War Salon, December 9-24, 1918.

Gardner, Dr., 1923

Garfield, Samuel, 1952

Garnett, Porter, 1938

Garrett, Katharine Barker, 1934 - Re lecture given by Katharine McCook Knox in Baltimore.

Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot, 1923

Gerrity, Mr. (M. Knoedler & Co.), 1923

Giotto Triptych, 1949 - Re conservation work done by William Suhr.

Godwin, Mrs. Harold, 1931

Gorham Company, 1931

Grand Central Galleries, 1931

Grant, Colonel U.S., 3rd, 1930 - Re portraits of George Washington in White House. Contains correspondence of Katharine McCook Knox and a letter related to the documentation of White House portraits by Mrs. Knox.

Graphic Microfilm Service, Inc., 1942

Gray Line Motor Tours, Inc., 1940 - Re cancellation of staff bus to Bedford, N.Y. in February, as weather not appropriate for winter sports.

Greig, Edward R. (Art Gallery of Toronto), 1923

Guggenheim, John Simon Memorial Foundation, 1936

Guiraud, Lucien, 1932


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3 6

Hoffman, Daphne [Library staff]


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3 7

Hoffman, Malvina

Folder contains 1937 contract for lunette over Library door.


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3 8

Holmes, Dagmar [Library staff]


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3 9

Holmes Electric Protective Company

1924, 1931

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3 10

Holmes, Marjorie [Library staff]


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3 11

Howell, Hannah [Library staff]


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3 12

“H” Miscellaneous

Hackett, John [Library staff], 1925

Hale Desk Company, 1924

Hall, Adelene D. [Library staff], undated

Hall, Mrs. William MacClay, 1930

Hamilton, Alexander [Library staff?], 1949

Hanson, J.P., & Son, 1924 - Re iron work at original Frick Art Reference Library building at 6 East 71st Street.

Hastings, Margaret [Library staff], 1954-1955

Haviland, Marion, 1938

Hawley, Zoe Grace, 1933 - Re writing article on Nicholas Lochoff.

Hays, Ethel Herron, undated

Henderson, Mary, 1930

Herrmann & Grace Co., 1926 - Re fireplace in Helen Clay Frick's Library office.

Hewitt, Erskine, 1932

Heyward, James B., 1923

Hicks Nurseries, 1924

Hind, Prof. A.M., 1932

Hitchcock, Frances S. [Library staff], 1924 - Worker sent by Library to assist Lawrence Park with his book.

Hollywood Florist, 1937-1938

Holzhauser, Graham, 1941

Honeyman, Mr. T.J. (Glasgow Art Gallery & Museums), 1953

Horn, Teddy [Library staff?], 1936

Houdon, J. Perron, 1933

Houston, Blanche [Library staff], 1954-1955

Howard Clothes, Inc., 1940 - Re uniforms for staff.

Howe, Thomas C., 1951

Howson, Roger (Columbia University Library), 1934

Hubbard & Lange, Inc., 1933

Hudson Forwarding & Shipping Co., 1925-1926

Huebsch, B.W., Inc, 1923 - Re translation of Poussin book by Miss Dawson.

Huntington, Archer M., 1923


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3 13



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3 14

Insurance Compensation


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3 15

“I” Miscellaneous

Ignatius, Eunice Yevnigue [Library staff], 1923-1929

Institute for Crippled and Disabled Men, 1924


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3 16

“J” Miscellaneous

Jacobs, Henry Barton, 1933

Jandolo, Aldo, undated - Business card only

Jeanes, Lenette T., 1934

Jennison, Lisa, 1931

Jenwic, A. (florist & gardener), 1940

Johnson, Irving Culver, 1941 and undated - Contains correspondence re storage place for microfilm during World War II and invitation to Hannah Howell's wedding.

Johnson, John B., 1930

Johnson, Mabel Van R., 1952


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3 17

Kennedy, Prof. Clarence

Associate Professor of Art, Smith College. Photographed sculptures in The Frick Collection.


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3 18

Knox, Katherine McCook [Library staff]


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3 19

“K” Miscellaneous

Keller, Mrs., undated

Kent, Henry W. (Metropolitan Museum of Art), 1937 - Re Suggestion to centralize slide collections of educational institutions for borrowing.

Kent-DeLord House Museum, 1955 - Letter from L. Newton Hayes.

Ketcham, Platt [Library staff], 1949-1950 - Letter from his daughter Virginia Ketcham Orvis re his death.

Keyes, Grace B., 1930-1932 - Assisted with identifying portraits for Library photographing trip to Concord, Mass.

Kimball, Fiske, 1921-1922, 1933 - Early correspondence concerns photographing trip to Virginia.

Knoedler, M., & Co. (Paris), 1924 - Re shipment of books to London office.

Knox, Lila [Library staff], 1934

Kolokolnikoff, Mary [Library staff], 1949

Kronfeld, Saunders, Inc., 1924

Krumm, Muriel [Library staff], 1950


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3 20

Lectures - Sir Robert Witt - Responses to Invitation

Re his lecture "American Museums" held on October 31, 1927.


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3 21

Lectures - George Rowley - Responses to Invitation

Re his lecture "The Lochoff Copy of Pietro Lorenzetti’s Virgin at Assisi” held on November 5, 1930.


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3 22


Folder contains correspondence with Malvina Hoffman re possible design of lunette above Library entrance, and two photographs.


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4 1

“L” Miscellaneous

La Duke, Mrs. Herbert S. (Marie), 1927 - Re article written by Mrs. La Duke for Christian Science Monitor on Massachusetts photographing trip. Includes information summary sheet sent by Helen Clay Frick.

La Montagne, Georgine, 1950-1951

Lafayette Centenary Committee, 1934

Laughlin, Irwin, 1932 - Sent photos of Houdon busts in his collection.

Leach, Henry Goddard, 1923

Levy, Florence N., 1935 - Editor, Art in New York.

Lewis, Roger, 1926

Librarians' Group, undated

Londonderry, Marchioness of, 1947 - Sent photographs of Princess Daschkaw.

Lord Electric Company, 1926-1928

Luca, Tride de, 1932

Lugt, Frits, 1949 - Re Helen Clay Frick's contribution of $500 to Frits Lugt so he can complete his research for the second volume of Repertoire Des Catalogues de Ventes in the U.S. Includes correspondence with Lugt and W.G. Constable, who also references the Museum of Fine Arts' acquisition of a Gainsborough.


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4 2

Maclagan, Eric

See also: Frick Art Reference Library- Helen Clay Frick - The Frick Collection Catalogue.


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4 3-5

Maintenance Staff [3 folders]


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4 6-8

Manning, Ethelwyn [Library staff - Head Librarian] [3 folders]


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4 9-12

Martin, Ira [Library staff - Photographer] [4 folders]


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4 13

Mather, Frank Jewett

Contains correspondence re Helen Clay Frick's policy on excluding German citizens from the Library, and Miss Frick's decision not to lower the flag for Franklin Delano Roosevelt's death.


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4 14

Mathewson, Hope [Library staff]


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4 15

McFarland, Arthur [Library staff]


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4 16

McKillop, William [photographer]

Folder contains correspondence re dispute with Helen Clay Frick over payments due from Virginia photographing expedition.


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4 17

Moorhead, William S. [Library Trustee]


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4 18

Moorhead, William S., Jr. [Library Trustee]


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4 19

Morgan, John Hill


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5 1

Morgan, Junius S.

Re status of Houdon works in Morgan Collection.


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5 2

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

See also: Constable, W.G. in this collection, and Frick Art Reference Library - Central Correspondence - Museums - Museum of Fine Arts.


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5 3

“M” Miscellaneous

Marie Morrison, Inc. (Cleaners & Dyers), 1943

Marshall, Robert (Carpenter & Cabinetmaker), 1927 - Re work on chimney at original Frick Art Reference Library building at 6 East 71st Street.

Martin, Mrs. Bradley, 1932 - Inquiry re Houdon's Lady Elizabeth (Berkeley) Craven.

Martin, M.F., 1926

Maxwell, John Sterling, 1952 - Refers to Helen Clay Frick's visit to Scotland.

Maynard, Joan [Library staff], 1943 & undated

McCormick, Cyrus, Jr., 1927

McDavitt, Sarah, 1922-1923

McKnight, Mrs. T.H.B., 1945

Meeks, Everett V., 1923

Meiss, Millard, 1941, 1954

Mellon, Andrew (Secretary of the Treasury), 1929

Messmore, Carman, 1930

Miller, G., 1926

Miller, W.C., 1923

Millet, Gabriel, 1926

Milliken and Bevin, 1939 - Re curtains for chief Librarian Ethelwyn Manning's office.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1922

Mitchell, James [Library staff], 1930

Moore, Bessie, 1934

Moore, E.J. (photographer), 1925

Moore, Marianne, 1954

Morgan (Pierpont) Library, 1953

Morris, Dave H., 1930

Murray, Mrs. William (Natalia), 1929


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5 3

National District Telephone Co.


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New York Edison Co.


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5 6

“N” Miscellaneous

National Academy of Design, undated - Address only.

National Geographic Society, 1934

Navy Department, 1935

Navy Relief Society, 1942 - Helen Clay Frick invited staff members to Navy Relief Show of March 10, 1942 at Madison Square Garden.

Nedley, Grace [Library staff], 1932

New York Department of Labor, 1950

New York Public Library, circa 1925

New York Steam Corporation, 1929

New York University, 1934-1936 - Check stubs only.

Nichols, Ray, Co., 1931

Novak, G.A., & Son, 1924 - Re windows in the Rest Room and chief Librarian's office at Library.


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5 7

Offner, Richard

Re purchase of photographs for Library in Italy.


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5 8

Overholt, Karl


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5 9

“O” Miscellaneous

O'Brien, Catherine [Library staff], 1953-1954

Osmaston, Joanna - Address only, undated

Oudinot, Marthe, 1947 [in French]


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5 10

Park, Lawrence

Folder contains small photographs of furniture and paintings sent to Helen Clay Frick to be passed on to Lawrence Park. Letters discuss photographing trips, and progress of Park's book on Gilbert Stuart


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5 11

Party –International Congress on Art History and Museology

Held January 6-8, 1954 at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Includes invitation list, tentative program, and invitation to private viewing at The Frick Collection.


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Perkins, F. Mason [3 folders]

Correspondence re his acquisition of books and photographs in Italy for the Library, Perkins' work with photographer Mario Sansoni in Italy, and numerous offers of Italian works of art to Miss Frick. Includes typed transcriptions of some handwritten letters. Stored in oversize box.


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5 12

Princeton University

Correspondence with Prof. C.R. Morey. October 26, 1926 letter concerns lectures by Prof. Millet. Also contains information on photographing done by Walter W.S. Cook and Millet in Europe.


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5 13

Protection of Cultural Treasures in War Areas (P.C.T.W.A.)

Re Frick Art Reference Library's role in assisting the Committee of the American Council of Learned Societies on Protection of Cultural Treasures in War Areas in the mapping and indexing of cultural treasures during World War II. Contains minutes of meeting held June 25, 1943; minutes of the Executive Board of the Visiting Committee of the Department of Art and Archaeology (Princeton) held November 26, 1943; Report on Activities of the Committee of December 31, 1943; correspondence with Sumner McK. Crosby (College Art Association), William B. Dinsmoor (Chairman, Committee of the American Council of Learned Societies on Protection of Cultural Treasures in War Areas), Waldo J. Leland (American Council of Learned Societies), Justice Owen W. Roberts (Supreme Court) and Francis Henry Taylor (Metropolitan Museum of Art); flyers; and questionnaire for volunteers. See also: Frick Art Reference Library - Central Correspondence - American Council of Learned Societies.


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5 14-15

“P” Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Pach Brothers (photographers), 1923

Page, Mrs. M.C., 1927 - Receipt only.

Palmer, C.F. (Chairman, Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission), 1956

Palmer, Potter (President, Art Institute of Chicago), 1932

Parker, Mrs. Haven, 1934

Parking, 1954 - Request for signs to City of New York Department of Traffic.

Pavey, Frank D., 1928

President, Fédération de l'Alliance Francaise

Peale, Helen, 1931

Pembroke, Earl of, 1947 - Inquiry about Princess Daschkaw (Houdon).

Penn Brass & Bronze Works, 1936

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1931

Peters, Allyn I. [Library staff], 1947-1948

Philadelphia addresses, undated

Phillips, Mrs. John M., 1939

Phillips, Hon. William, 1924

Photographic Expenses, undated

Picnic (Bedford, N.Y.), 1946, 1947, 1949, 1954

Pictorial Photography in America Fund, undated

Platinotype Co., Ltd., 1931

Plaza Art Galleries, Inc., 1943

Pleasants, J. Hall, 1925 - Letter of thanks for his contributions and discussion of upcoming photographing trip to Baltimore.

Police Department, 1950

Potter, Dwight E., undated

Potterton Bros. (Mason Builders and General Contractors), 1924

Powerscourt, Viscount, 1955

Pratt, Enoch, Library, undated

Prince, Mrs. John Dyneley (Adelina), 1935

Princeton Bank and Trust Company, 1954

Protective Ventilator and Screen Corporation, 1924

Proudfit, Natalie [Library staff], undated

Pyms & Co. Inc., 1924 - Re Library clocks.


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5 16

Receipted Bills – Special

1937 & undated

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5 17

Retirement Plan for Library Employees


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5 18

Rotan, Mary and Thurman [Library staff]

Thurman Rotan was a Library staff photographer.


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5 19

Royal Blue Line Motor Tours Co.

Transportation for Library staff to annual picnic at Helen Clay Frick's home in Bedford, N.Y.


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5 20

Rudge, William E., Printing House (N.Y.C.)

Re printing of Lawrence Park's book on Gilbert Stuart. Contains requests for permission to publish photographs, including letters from Royal Cortissoz and John Hill Morgan. See also: Park, Lawrence.


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5 21

“R” Miscellaneous

Rewald, John, 1952

Rhode Island School of Design, 1926

Robbins, Helen [Library staff], 1923-1924

Rockefeller, John D., Jr., 1935 - Copy letter to Frederick Mortimer Clapp suggesting that positive review of Library by Royal Cortissoz be copied and distributed to Trustees.

Rockefeller, Percy A., 1934 - Re three Houdon busts in his office.

Romeyn, Emma, undated

Rood, Margaret S. [Library staff], 1924 - Re research for Lawrence Park's book, concerning Mantle Fielding's notes.

Roof, undated - Drawing on tracing paper, "Proposed Alteration to present Roof, 71st Street & 5th Avenue Addition," undated [Transferred to The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Architectural Records]

Roper, Valerie Worthington, undated

Rose, Gilberta [Library staff], 1923

Roth, Robert (Artists' Clipping Service), 1933

Rousseau, Theodore, 1941

Rowley, Prof. George (Princeton University), 1930


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5 22

Salary Schedules Research

1923, 1928

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6 1

Sansoni, Mario [photographer]

Frick Art Reference Library photographer based in Italy. Includes original contract dated August 13, 1925, and photographs of his wife Rina and son Guido. Letters in Italian.


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6 2

Sansoni Family

Includes descriptions of conditions in Italy during World War II. In Italian with typed English translations.


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6 3

Savord, Ruth [Library staff -Head Librarian]

1923-1924 correspondence contains updates about the construction of the original Library building at 6 East 71st Street.


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6 4

Sawitsky, William


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6 5

Schapiro, Dr. Meyer

Re proposal to photograph illuminated manuscripts in France.


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6 6

Smith, Rev. J. Herbert


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6 7

Social Security Bill Amendment


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6 8

Staff (Library)

Folder contains letter of from staff to Helen Clay Frick, apologizing for a misunderstanding regarding their attitude toward the new library building; a September 9, 1940 letter from staff re Library's 20th anniversary; report of staff contributions to American Red Cross and Bundles for Britain at the beginning of World War II; and a June 30, 1941 letter from Helen Clay Frick to staff re her concerns about the war and its effect on the Library.


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6 9

Statistics regarding Library

Includes statistics on progress through 1923; expenditures, 1920-1931; foreign expenditures, 1920-1931; maintenance costs, 1920-1933, costs of Library building and equipment to March 20, 1929; and expenses, 1924-1932. Also includes descriptions of Library, testimonials, copy of announcement to staff of new Library building (January 18, 1933), and 1940 staff list.


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6 10

Stevens, Walter [Library staff]


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6 11

“S” Miscellaneous

Sachs, Paul J. (Harvard University), 1931

Saharoff, Eugenie, 1936

(The) Saint Charles, 1935

St. John's Church, 1951

Sanger, Helen [Library staff], undated

Sauvegarde de l'Art Francais, 1954 - Re preserving home of Stendhal.

Schrafft's, 1954

Schretlen, Dr. M.J.A.M., 1937

Scott & Fowles, 1923

Sculptors Guild, Inc., 1954

Seligmann, Germain (Jacques Seligmann & Co.), 1933 - Reference to Cagliostro bust by Houdon.

Shiras, Anne, 1945

Shwab, Robert I., 1941

Sickles, Mr. & Mrs. Harold, 1954

Singleton, Esther, 1929

Sizer, Theodore (Yale University), 1932

Slade, Mrs. John, 1932

Smart, Helen E., 1924

Smith, Ralph C., 1929

Société Generale, 1939

Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1920s

South Carolina Lists, undated - Lists of people to contact for South Carolina photographing trip.

Stanard, Dr., undated - Information regarding dispute with photographer William McKillop.

Steel Equipment Corporation, 1925

Sterling, Charles, 1942

Stirling-Maxwell, Sir John, 1952

Stoclet, Adolphe (Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique), 1952 - Letter from Helen Clay Frick notes her 1920 introduction to him: "I have always retained a delightful memory of your kind hospitality and of the very beautiful Italian Primitives in your collection. In fact, my love for early paintings must have been born on that day..."

Stoll's Alley Shop, 1930

Strong, Mrs. Theron G. (Martha), 1928

Stumpp & Walter Co., 1936

Sullivan, Catherine E. [Library staff], 1946-1956

Sullivan, Mrs. Honora, 1938

Sully, Julia, 1934

Sutcliffe, Arthur Taylor, 1932


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6 12



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6 13

Tolnay, Lea Danesi

Letter of September 6, 1944 describes conditions in Italy during World War II and after the arrival of the allies. Includes photographs from 1930-1931. Some correspondence in Italian, and in several cases, with typed translations. See Also: Frick Art Reference Library – Staff Records – Tolnay, Lea Danesi.


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6 14

“T” Miscellaneous

Taggart, Lucy (John Herron Art Gallery, Indianapolis), 1941

Tatham, Mrs. Edwin, 1929

Tawney, James A., 1934 - Re attribution of bust of James Monroe, possibly by Houdon.

Taylor, Charles H., Jr., undated - Re Houdon bust.

Taylor, Louise, 1923

Ternbach, Joseph, undated

(The) Todd Company, Inc., 1953

Toledo Museum of Art, 1930

Trapper, Emma L., 1929

Trivanovitch, Vaso (Atlas Trading Corporation), 1948

Troy's Nurseries, Inc., 1940

Turner, Miss, 1922

Turner, Mrs. John (Agnes K.) [Library staff], 1948

T? Contessa Laura, 1924


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6 15

“U” Miscellaneous

University of the State of New York, 1956


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6 16

“V” Miscellaneous

Van Courtlandt, 1927

Van Horne, Adaline, 1922

Vander Roest, Constance, 1928

Vassar College Library, 1932 - Re Timothy Cole's design for bookplates for the Library and Helen Clay Frick.

Ventilation, undated

Victoria & Albert Museum, 1930

Viking Fund, circa 1940s

Virginia House, 1930

1922-ca. 1940s

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6 17

Wellesley College


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6 18

Wells, Pauline P.


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6 19

Wildenstein, Felix


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6 20

Washington, George – US Commission for the Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington, 1732-1932


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6 21

“W” Miscellaneous

Wadsworth Atheneum, 1923

Walters, Henry, 1927

Waterhouse, Ellis K., 1952

Watson Manufacturing Company (metal office furniture), 1929

Welsford, Rhoda (Courtauld Institute), 1954

West, Dr., 1954

Whigham, H.J., 1923

Whitaker, Charles Harris, 1933

White, Clarence H., 1923 - "...I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for your suggestion of Mr. Ira W. Martin as photographer for the Frick Art Reference Library."

Whitehouse, Mrs. Norman deR., 1926

Whiting, Frederic Allen (Cleveland Museum of Art), 1923, 1926

Wiles, Bertha H., 1931

Wilhelm, Dr. G., 1952

Wilkinson, Patricia [Library staff], circa 1940

Williams, John, Inc., 1924

Willis & Clements, Inc., 1931

Willoughbys (camera store), 1944

Winthrop, Clara, 1928 - Re having Edward J. Moore of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts photograph her collection for the Library.

(The) Woman's Almanac, 1937 - "Miss Frick...does not wish to have her name, or the name of the Frick Art Reference Library, any kind of publicity is most distasteful to her."

Women's National Republican Club, Inc., 1928 - Representative spoke to Library staff.

Wooley, Mary B. [Library staff], undated

Worfolk, Eleanor F. [Library staff], 1947

Wright, Mrs. Anton, 1930


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6 22

“X.,Y, Z” Miscellaneous

Yale University, 1922, 1935

The Youth's Companion, 1925 - Offer of archival collection of material from the art and editorial department of publication.

Zoning Office (N.Y.C), 1945


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