photo of magnolia trees in Fifth Avenue Garden of the Frick Collection

As a result of a decision of the Board of Trustees in 1939, three magnolias were selected for the Fifth Avenue garden. The two trees on the lower tier are Saucer Magnolias (Magnolia soulangeana) and the species on the upper tier by the flagpole is a Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata).

Magnolia Trees in Bloom, Time-Lapse Video by Kristin Jones

Link to video of magnolia tree time lapse

Kristin Jones, a visual and multimedia collaborative artist whose primary interest is the "shape of time," approached The Frick Collection in 2009 with the idea of photographing the blooming of their magnolia trees. In 2010 she met the Frick's photographer, Michael Bodycomb, who welcomed the idea and offered his expertise to help make the filming possible. The camera was set up and the shooting took place for twenty-four hours a day for twenty-five days between March 22 and April 16, 2010.