Sumitra Duncan

One Hundred Years at the Library: Innovation through Technology

Sumitra Duncan, Web Archiving Lead, explores technology at the Frick Art Reference Library, as part of our ongoing celebration of its hundredth anniversary. Technological innovations have been embraced since the library’s founding, a commitment that remains a vital part of its mission in the present day. In this post, we consider three examples: the telautograph, early art photography trips and a recent map charting the expeditions, and web archiving efforts.

Preserving the Digital Presence of New York City Galleries

Web archiving is the process of collecting web-based content with a web crawler and preserving the content in an archival format. The Frick Art Reference Library is currently involved in a project to capture and preserve the online-only content of New York City galleries.

Introduction to Web Archives

screenshot of online presentation with 3 presenters on the right
The practice of web archiving offers a means of preserving and providing access to ephemeral web-based art resources in support of art historical scholarship.