Invitation and Guest List

Prior to the public opening of The Frick Collection in 1935, the Trustees and members of the Frick family received more than 700 guests at a reception to view the new museum. Among those invited were Col. and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh, as well as members of the Astor, Bache, Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, Straus, Sulzberger, Vanderbilt, and Warburg families. Newspapers around the country devoted numerous pages to the museum's debut, including the New York Herald Tribune, which described the Collection as a "magnificent gift" and published a complete invitation list.

Throughout this anniversary year, The Frick Collection gathered impressions of what it was like to experience the museum for the first time. The Frick Collection encouraged the public to get in contact with the museum to share memories and experiences of visits during the inaugural year.

invite reading "The Trustee of The Frick Collection request the honor of your presence at the opening of the collection on Wednesday December the eleventh from four until seven o'clock One East Seventieth Street


View the complete list of those invited to the 1935 reception.

photo of newspaper spread with headline reading "List of Guests Formally Invited to The Frick Art Collection"
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