Paolo Veneziano

Closer Look: Veneziano's "Coronation of the Virgin"

photo of  Kassandra Ibrahim standing in front of painting in gallery at Frick Madison

In this episode of Closer Look, Kassandra Ibrahim, Ayesha Bulchandani Education Intern, discusses Paolo Veneziano’s Coronation of the Virgin, on display on the third floor of Frick Madison. Kassandra explores how the trade connections cultivated in fourteenth-century Venice influenced Veneziano’s artistic production and use of materials from distant regions, such as China, Byzantium, and Egypt. This is the third episode in a series of three, featuring the Education Department's 2022 summer interns each taking an in-depth look at one object in our collection.

Travels with a Curator: San Severino Marche

video still of Xavier Salomon and work of art

In this episode of "Travels with a Curator," Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator, invites us to the Italian city of San Severino Marche to investigate the mystery of the Frick’s “Coronation of the Virgin,” by Paolo Veneziano. The gold-ground panel was originally part of a larger ensemble, but the altarpiece was dismembered sometime before the 1820s. What do we know about the polyptych—and where are the other fragments? Search for clues in a Dominican church just outside the city walls.