How to Create an Online Collection

Would you like to save and share your favorite works of art from The Frick Collection? Do you have a unique idea for a themed online collection? Are you a teacher who wants to share a group of works with your students? You can do all these things using My Collections.

To begin, create an account at: Follow the video instructions for desktop and mobile, or follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your collection.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and creating your own collections! We would love to hear about how you are using My Collections. Please send feedback to us if you have comments or questions.

For further reading about searching the Frick's online collection see Enhancing Searchability: Adding Keywords to the Collection.

Desktop users

Mobile users

My Collections Instructions with Images:

1. Create an account at:

2. Browse the collection by searching any keyword or using Advanced Search.

Screenshot of the Frick's My Collections page with "cityscape" entered in the search bar

3. Click on the star icon to select works of art for your collection. You may choose as many as you like. The My Collections sidebar will appear on the right of the screen.

Screenshot of the Frick's My Collection page, with the star icon and collections sidebar highlighted

4. Enter the name of the new collection and click Create. This creates an empty collection.

Screenshot of My Collections sidebar with title field and Create button highlighted

5. Click +Add to add all the items you selected to the new collection. On a desktop, you may drag and drop one image at a time into the collection.

Screenshot of My Collections page with +Add button highlighted

6. VIEW and EDIT: New collections are automatically saved as Private and can be viewed by the owner only when logged in. To view your collection, go to My Collections > Private. Select the collection name to view the objects.

Screenshot of My Collections with Private tab highlighted

When viewing objects, click the trash icon under the object to remove it from the collection:

Screenshot of objects in a digital collection, with the trash icon highlighted

Go to My Collections > Private, find your collection, click Edit. In the Edit screen, you can change the name, add a description, copy the collection to create a duplicate, or delete the entire collection:

Screenshot of a collection in My Collections with the Edit button highlighted
Screenshot of a collection in the Frick's My Collections with the example collection title "City Collection" entered

7. SHARE. In the Edit screen, check the Public box to make this viewable to all users. You may share the link to your collection by copying the URL on your desktop or using the SHARE icon on your phone.

Screenshot of the Frick's My Collection edit screen, with the option to make image collections public highlighted
Screenshot of the Frick's My Collections page, with an example collection of cityscapes


Screenshots of My Collections on The Frick Collection website.

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