Re-viewing Digital Technologies and Art History

Screenshot of a 3D model of an ancient Zapotec vessel.


The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy recently published a special issue on digital art history (DAH), “Re-viewing Digital Technologies and Art History.” Seven peer-reviewed articles and two non-peer-reviewed pieces analyze the use of computational tools and techniques in art historical research and teaching. From the automation of thread counting (an important tool of painting conservators) to the introduction of 3D modeling into the classroom, this series of essays offers a road map for art historians, curators, and conservators interested in exploring the possibilities of DAH.

Model of vessel from Tomb 118, Monte Albán, as modeled in Maxon Cinema4D software. Model by Ve’Amber Miller. Photograph by Ellen Hoobler. For additional information, please see Hoobler’s article "Of Software and Sepulchers: Modeling Ancient Tombs from Oaxaca, Mexico."

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