Past Exhibition: Mounted Oriental Porcelain

Image of blue and white lidded porcelain piece with gold handles and accents
Mounted Oriental Porcelain
December 2, 1986 to March 1, 1987

Forty-five masterpieces of Japanese and Chinese porcelain in elaborate European metal mounts began a three-museum tour at the Frick Collection. A number of drawings related to these unusual works of art were also on view. Organized and circulated by the International Exhibitions Foundation in Washington, D.C., this exhibition presented a wide range of exotic objects created for the high society of their time.

Past Exhibition: Drawings by Jean-Baptiste Le Prince for the Voyage en Siberie

exhibition catalogue cover featuring black and white image of painting of man in native dress holding a staff.
Drawings by Jean-Baptiste Le Prince for the Voyage en Siberie
April 21, 1987 to June 14, 1987

An exhibition of works by eighteenth-century French artist Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (1734–1781), who won fame in his native country for his colorful depictions of life in contemporary Russia. Included were the twenty-eight surviving drawings, on loan from the Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, that were executed by Le Prince to illustrate Abbé Jean Chappe d'Auteroche's Voyage en Sibérie, published in 1768.