Exhibitions presented at The Frick Collection during 1998.

Past Exhibition: Figurative Invention

brown ink drawing of seated satyr with urn encountering a goat
Figurative Invention: Drawings from the Permanent Collection
December 22, 1998 to January 3, 1999

This exhibition presented drawings from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries that displayed several modes of depicting figures. Some were drawings of figures or costumes copied from life and intended as preparatory studies for painted compositions. Others were individual or grouped figures that spring from the artist's imagination or are based on his observation of the world around him. Whether compositional studies or finished works of art, all the drawings focused on the figure as a means of exploring form, narrative, or individual spirit.

Past Exhibition: Fuseli to Menzel

Fuseli to Menzel: Drawings and Watercolors in the Age of Goethe
June 23, 1998 to September 6, 1998

The age of Goethe, Beethoven, and Kant was also a brilliant period for the visual arts in Germany. This exhibition — culled from the holdings of the Winterstein family of Munich, the world's most comprehensive and important private collection of German drawings and watercolors of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries — afforded viewers an opportunity to study fine works by forty-nine artists from the greatest period of German drawing.