Past Exhibition: Abraham Miller, Woodcarver

Abraham Miller, Woodcarver
October 16, 1979 to December 30, 1979
photograph of wood carving with birds, nuts, and berries.

Visitors to The Frick Collection had the unusual opportunity of viewing a number of woodcarvings by Abraham Miller, a craftsman who worked on the decoration of the rooms in the Collection. A striking example of such decorative woodwork is the chimney piece ornamented with garlands of flowers and foliage in the Library. Fifteen works were assembled, five of which had recently been given to the Collection by the artist’s widow, Rose Miller of Bloomfield, New Jersey. The gift includes Mr. Miller’s "masterpiece," a miniature crest in openwork relief, which he made in 1899 to mark the end of his five year apprenticeship.

Abraham Miller, Miniature Crest, 1899. The Frick Collection, New York; Gift of Mrs. Abraham Miller and Family, 1979

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