Paul Cézanne: Apples, Bottle, and Chairback

graphite and watercolor image of apples, bottle, glass, and chair

Paul Cézanne (1839–1906)
Apples, Bottle, and Chairback
c. 1904–6
Graphite and watercolor on wove paper
Samuel Courtauld Trust: Samuel Courtauld Bequest, 1948 

This still life consists of a blue and white faience dish, filled with apples, placed at the center of the table. Five apples sit apart; a sixth seems to be about to join them. At left, a bottle with its neck truncated glows almost black; in front is a tall wine glass, painted blue to reflect the hues of the faience plate. Anchoring the composition in the background is the ornamental back of a wooden chair, which frames a view of the colored wallpaper in the background.

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