Past Exhibition: Vincent van Gogh, Flowering Garden

Vincent van Gogh, Flowering Garden
January 10, 1992 to January 10, 1994
impressionistic painting of flower garden

Vincent van Gogh's luminous landscape, Flowering Garden, executed by the artist at Arles in the summer of 1888, was placed on loan by a private foundation for a two-year period. Flowering Garden is a large vertical canvas depicting the flat expanse of a field of flowers, framed on the right by the wall of a farmhouse and trees, and at the high horizon by a line of low farm buildings with red-tiled roofs. The painting was displayed at the foot of the staircase in the South Hall, between two paintings by Van Gogh's countryman Vermeer, Officer and Laughing Girl and Girl Interrupted at Her Music, and across from Dutch artist Hobemma's Village Among Trees.

Vincent van Gogh, Flowering Garden, 1888, oil on canvas, Private collection, New York

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