view of black painted enamel ewer

Pierre Reymond (1513–after 1584)
Limoges, late 16th century
Enamel on copper, parcel-gilt
10 13/16 × 5 9/16 × 4 1/2 in. (27.5 × 14.1 × 11.4 cm)
Marks (spread on either side of join where opening meets handle): P.R.
Gift of Alexis Gregory, 2021
Photo Joseph Coscia Jr.



The body, shoulder, handle, spout, and foot of this ewer were probably made separately, then connected with wires or rivets. The handle, spout, and foot are decorated with gold enamel. The interior of the ewer is white opaque enamel, while the exterior is decorated in a dark transparent enamel. On the neck of the ewer are acanthus leaves rising toward the spout, and the shoulder has grotesques. Two chariots facing each other are driven by naked, winged figures accompanied by a peacock. The main scene, on the body of the ewer, is of several men engaged in battle. Identified by the gold letters Exodus XVII at the top of the register, the scene illustrates the struggle in the Book of Exodus between Amalek and Joshua in Rephidim.

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