Ewer (Biberon)

Painted porcelain ewer with spout at the center

Saint-Porchaire Ware
Ewer (Biberon)
Mid-16th century
Lead-glazed earthenware
10 1/4 × 5 1/16 × 5 1/16 in. (26 × 12.9 × 12.9 cm)
Gift of Alexis Gregory, 2020
Photo Joseph Coscia Jr.


Part of a very small, luxurious production created during the reign of King Henry II of France (r. 1547–59), this three-handled ewer, or biberon (nursing bottle), has a complex molded, stamped, and inlaid decoration consisting of foliage, leaves, cabochons, and leonine masks. The delicate interlacing forms several intricate patterns, and a strapwork cartouche features a coat of arms made up of three fleurs-de-lys. Saint-Porchaire ware, most of which was destined for the royal family and important patrons, is named after a village in a French region rich in the white clay that is its main component.

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