Figure of a Blessing Christ

Side view of small enamel sculpture of the Christ child in a blessing

Figure of a Blessing Christ
Possibly 17th or 19th century
Gold, enamel and diamonds
4 11/16 × 2 3/16 × 1 5/8 in. (11.9 × 5.6 × 4.1 cm)
Gift of Alexis Gregory, 2021
Photo Joseph Coscia Jr.


The Christ Child is shown with his right hand raised in blessing and gold flowers in his left hand. He wears a red gown, with a green and yellow collar and hem, and a gilt-silver necklace with diamonds. His face, hands, and feet are made of white opaque enamel, while his gown is made of red and green enamels. The nails are painted, and the eyes are rendered in blue enamel. The bouquet was probably enameled, as there are traces of color. The back of the figure is mostly flat, which suggests that it was positioned against a flat surface, perhaps in a niche where it was part of a larger ensemble.

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