Plaque: Jupiter under a Canopy

Painted enamel plaque of Jupiter under a canopy

Master I.C., probably Jean de Court (act. 1541–83) or Jean Court (act. 1553–85)
Plaque: Jupiter under a Canopy
Limoges, 16th century
Enamel on copper, parcel-gilt
4 3/16 × 3 3/8 in. (10.6 × 8.6 cm)
Marks (above the figure of Jupiter): I.C.
Gift of Alexis Gregory, 2021
Photo Joseph Coscia Jr.


Standing under a canopy in the center of this enameled plaque, Jupiter appears triumphant. He wears a crown and holds a scepter; the eagle, one of his attributes, is at his feet. Seated beside him are two figures—likely monks or scholars—portrayed with asses’ ears, a representation often used at the time to depict the corruption of the Catholic Church. The decorative elements include grotesques, flowers and leaves, birds and animals, and the head of a putto. The elaborate composition on the front derives from an engraving by Etienne Delaune (ca. 1518–1583) that is from a suite of grotesques with Roman divinities (Suite de grotesques avec des divinités). The back of the case contains a mirror.

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