Dish: Jason Confronting the Giants

Black painted enamel dish depicting a battle scene of Jason confronting the giants

Pierre Reymond ( 1513–after 1584)
Dish: Jason Confronting the Giants
Limoges, mid-16th century
Enamel on copper, parcel-gilt
Diam. 8 in. (20.3 cm); d. 9/16 in. (1.4 cm)
Gift of Alexis Gregory, 2021
Photo Joseph Coscia Jr.


The scenes on these dishes are taken from engravings by René Boyvin (ca. 1525–ca. 1625) after Léonard Thiry (ca. 1500–1550). The other dish shows Jason fighting the dragon, guarding the Golden Fleece, with a sword as the Argonauts watch. At the back, the arms of the Mesmes de Ravignon family impaled with the arms of the Dolu family are flanked by allegories of Air and Earth. This dish depicts Jason confronting the Giants after sowing the teeth of Cadmus’s dragon, one of the tasks he needed to complete to obtain the Golden Fleece. The coat of arms shown on the reverse belongs to the Comte d’Avaux and the Marquis de Roissi, titles acquired later by the Mesmes family. The rim of each dish is decorated with interlinked scrolls and chariots interspersed with satyrs and putti.

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