Christ at the Column

Bronze sculpture of standing man.

Hans Reichle (Schongau, Germany 1570–1642 Brixen, Italy)
Christ at the Column
Cast ca. 1610
8 3/8 in. (21.4 cm)

Reichle studied in Florence with Giambologna and in his native Germany created statuettes following the practices of his teacher. Here, Reichle adapts the Italian devotional subject of Christ standing alone at the column to suit his German audience, which favored emotional depictions.

Christ’s left hand is bound to the column (now lost) behind him, his angular gestures and agitated movements revealing his torment at the Flagellation. His large features, unbalanced pose, and over-sized hands depart from Giambologna’s calm, idealized figures, as seen, for example, in the gilded crucified Cristo Morto.

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