Past Exhibition: Severo Calzetta, Called Severo da Ravenna

Severo Calzetta, Called Severo da Ravenna
June 22, 1978 to October 8, 1978
bronze sculpture of a standing man (Neptune) raising a trident over a sea monster

The Frick Collection presented an exhibition of bronze statuettes by or related to Severo Calzetta, called Severo da Ravenna, an important but little-known Italian sculptor of the early sixteenth century. Complementing the five bronzes in The Frick Collection attributed to Severo or his workshop were loans from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and two New York private collections. The only known bronze bearing the sculptor's signature and a number of related but quite distinct versions of his original models were included. As the first exhibition ever devoted to Severo, this occasion provided an unprecedented opportunity to compare a sizable group of his sculptures and works after them. 

Severo da Ravenna, Neptune on a Sea-Monster, 15th century. The Frick Collection, New York

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